Sony PS5 processor has begun to ship from packaging and testing vendors

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On August 6th, according to foreign media reports, Sony has demonstrated the PS5 next-generation game console with a two-color “sandwich” design in June. It is expected to be on sale at the end of the year, and the required parts have already been in place.

Foreign media quoted information from sources in the industry chain and reported that the processors required for the Sony PS5 have begun to be shipped from the two major packaging and testing vendors, ASE and Chaofeng Electronics.

Packaging and testing are the last two steps of chip production. After completing this link, the chip will be used for the assembly of related terminal products. The processors required by Sony PS5 have begun to be shipped from packaging and testing manufacturers, which means that the required processors are already in place, and if other parts are already in place, the production of the whole machine can be started.

The Sony PS5 is equipped with a custom processor specially designed for it by AMD, which is manufactured by the chip manufacturer TSMC using a 7nm process.

In the second-quarter earnings analyst conference call last Tuesday, AMD CEO Su Zifeng mentioned at the meeting that processors for next-generation game consoles such as the Sony PS5 have begun preliminary production and shipment.

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