Sony PS5 UI revealed: 4K HDR is supported, but Xbox Series X/S may still be 1080P

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Yesterday, Sony announced the UI video of the next-generation console PS5, and it was confirmed by foreign media Eurogamer that the PS5 UI supports native 4K resolution and runs in HDR . This system-level improvement will allow players to switch between the game and the system UI when playing 4K games in the future, to achieve a “no sense of separation” on the screen.

However, for comparison, it is hard not to think of Microsoft Xbox Series X/S, which is also the next-generation console. After the Sony PS5 UI was released, the media soon revealed that the Xbox Series X/S UI was all 1080P display.

Digital Foundry columnist John Linneman said that this 1080P UI will continue to be used on Xbox Series X, which feels unacceptable, because users often have to spend time looking at some of the content provided in the system UI, including some small print. Wait. Also, when the user plays a 4K game and then switches to the UI, this difference in picture quality will reduce the immersion of the game.

Sony PS5 UI revealed: 4K HDR is supported, but Xbox Series X/S may still be 1080P

Naijatechnews learned that the 1080P UI is not useless, because it means that the host can allocate more memory and processing performance to the game. After all, the focus of the player’s attention is the game itself, and the time spent on the system UI is only a small part.

In addition, there are also opinions that continue to maintain the 1080P UI on Xbox Series X to ensure the consistency of Xbox family consoles.


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