Sony’s acquisition of Insomniac Games amount of exposure

only cost 230 million US dollars

News In November last year, Sony acquired Insomniac Games, the developer of popular games such as Marvel’s Spider-Man, Ricky and Doraemon, and “Sunset Overdrive.” A document revealed this week that Sony’s Spend 229 million US dollars.

Compared with “Star Citizen”, which has a crowdfunding amount of more than 300 million US dollars, and EA’s previous acquisition of Rebirth Entertainment’s 455 million US dollars, the outside world generally believes that Sony’s acquisition of Insomniac Games cost less. Insomniac Games was established in 1994. PlayStation has created many games such as “Ricky and Clank” and “Resistance” series. The most famous one is “Marvel’s Spider-Man” exclusively for PS4.

After the acquisition of Insomniac Games, the two game IPs of “Sunset Overdrive” and “Ricky and Doraemon” are now owned by Sony.

Naijatechnews was informed that the founder of Insomniac Games once stated: “Joining Sony Interactive Entertainment Global Studio will provide Insomniac Games with a better opportunity to help realize the studio’s vision, which is to leave a positive and lasting impression on people’s lives. Since our establishment, we have always had a special relationship with PlayStation. This relationship has exerted our potential. “Marvel’s Spider-Man” proves this. We are very happy to work with global studios to achieve the next goal. More importantly, we look forward to providing fans with a new gaming experience.”