SpaceX: Mars does not recognize the laws of the earth, Musk may be president

The American space exploration technology company SpaceX has declared that Mars is a “free planet” and that the Mars colony will not recognize the laws of the Earth. This means that Elon Musk may also become the President of Mars.

SpaceX’s claims are hidden in the Starlink Internet Beta’s consumer service terms, which were recently sent to customers before the Internet was launched. This clause is called “Governing Laws” (Governing Laws), which declares that SpaceX will not abide by international laws other than the earth and moon, but adopts the principle of autonomy “based on good faith.”

Not long ago, SpaceX announced plans to build a giant satellite Internet around Mars, and build a self-sufficient city on Mars that does not depend on the Earth. SpaceX stated that Starlink’s services on the Earth and the Moon will comply with the laws enacted by California, but on Mars or other colonial spacecraft, it will not recognize any power or sovereignty based on the Earth’s government.

These terms of service also stated that on Mars, “disputes will be resolved through the principles of autonomy established in good faith on the Martian colony”. This is in line with the latest plan revealed by Musk, which requires the establishment of sustainable cities on Mars that do not depend on the earth for survival.

Musk shared the details of this vision at the Mars Association annual meeting last week. He said that the settlers on this red planet will need to be self-sufficient to deal with the unexpected event that “spacecraft from the earth stop coming for any reason.”

Musk said: “It depends on whether we built a city on Mars before or after World War III. I think the possibility of it being established after World War III is very low, so we should work hard to make this city Be self-sufficient before any possible third world war.”

Three days later, in an interview with SpaceX President and Chief Operating Officer Gwynee Shotwell, he talked about SpaceX’s plan to bring Starlink Internet to Mars. She said: “When we bring people to Mars, they will need a kind of communication ability. In fact, I think it is more important to build a network like Starlink around Mars.”

SpaceX: Mars does not recognize the laws of the earth, Musk may be president

The key to turning these ideas into reality is the huge interstellar spacecraft. Musk recently announced that he is eyeing his first trip to Mars in 2024. This spacecraft is now the company’s “first priority”. In the past few months, SpaceX employees have been asked to speed up the schedule, hoping to meet the timetable requirements. Musk’s goal is to eventually send 1 million people to live on Mars, which will require three flights a day, or 1,000 flights a year, with 100 people on each flight.

Although Musk has a grand plan to build a new civilization on Mars, he emphasized that this task will be “difficult” and that settlers may face some dangers when developing a new galactic world. He said: “I want to emphasize that this is a very difficult and dangerous thing. It is not suitable for the faint-hearted. You are likely to die. But if you succeed, it will be a supreme honor.”

The non-profit organization “Earthlight Foundation” (Earthlight Foundation) has issued a statement on freedom of space, which is similar to SpaceX’s statement in Starlink’s terms of service. The statement stated: “All human beings have the inalienable right to go anywhere in the universe, do whatever they choose to do, use any resources they may find, and own the land or space where they live. Interfering with each other’s property, we believe that space is free for everyone.”

Musk plans to reach Mars first, which means that he can quickly establish a “feud”, where he can formulate his own rules through the “first come first served” principle and become president.

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