Stable Version of Firefox 112 Released Excluding iOS 13

Stable Version of Firefox 112  Released

According to News reported from IT House on April 12, the stable version of Firefox 112 has been released , and some content updates and repairs have been carried out for desktop and mobile users, mainly including the abandonment of Apple’s iOS 13 system, and the desktop supports the middle mouse button to close tabs Page.


After updating to Firefox 112, all desktop versions of Firefox now support a new close tab option that lets you middle-click a tab to close it instantly . Firefox users also have several other options for closing tabs, including clicking the close icon or right-clicking on a tab and selecting the “Close Tab” option from the context menu.

Stable Version of Firefox 112  Released

Updates on the desktop:

  • Right-clicking on a password field now reveals an option to reveal the password.

  • Ubuntu Linux users can now import browser data from Chromium Snap packages. Currently, this feature only works when Firefox is not installed as a Snap package, but work is being done to fix this.

  • Tabs can be closed by middle-clicking on an item in the tabs list. Users can always un-close tabs with (Cmd / Ctrl)-Shift-T.

  • The same shortcut will restore the previous session if there are no more closed tabs to reopen in the same session.

  • For all ETP Strict users, Firefox 112 expands the list of known tracking parameters removed from URLs to further protect users from cross-site tracking.

  • Enables software-decoded video overlays on Intel GPUs on Windows, improving video downscaling quality and reducing GPU utilization .

Updates on iOS:

  • Ended support for iOS 13 .

  • Fixed an issue where users were unable to leave the password section due to missing Done/Back buttons.

  • Fixed Firefox forgetting logins and cookies when refreshing tabs.

  • Fixed an issue where closing an inactive tab would cause new tabs to break, preventing users from navigating to new websites.

  • Fixed tabs that were open in normal browsing being visible through the private browsing tab’s overlay when switching apps on iOS.

  • Fixed the problem that when the user tried to open the link in other apps, the prompt to open in an external app was incorrectly displayed.

Android update content:

  • Users can now choose whether to be asked every time they open a link to open in another app.

  • Added pull-to-refresh gesture for reloading pages .

  • Fixed an issue that prevented 10-bit video playback.

  • Fixed an issue that caused fullscreen YouTube videos to quit and switch to portrait mode when changing quality or speed.

  • Improved accessibility by fixing small buttons that were difficult to use.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented small pages from scaling to 100% on Android.

  • Fixed geolocation timeout issue.

Friends of Naijatechnews can click here to download the Firefox 112 browser on the desktop , and the iOS and Android terminals can be downloaded in major app stores.