Top States in Nigeria with High Employment Demand for Graduate


Top States in Nigeria with High Employment Demand for Graduate.

Now, finding a paid job opportunity in the country is not an easy task. Many certified graduates are still on the street looking for jobs in others to support their lives.

States in Nigeria with High Employment Demand

More serious is the fact that even the few employment opportunities available in the country are not evenly distributed among the 36 states of the country.

1. Lagos State

Without any doubt or question asked, Lagos remains the center of Nigerian’s Economy, and the largest center of commerce in the whole Africa. In the past 7 – 9 months, Lagos state have accounted for more than 60% of jobs. The interesting part of it all, is the fact that, no matter your field of study, in terms of job opportunity, Lagos state have something to offer, making the state the last resort for folks that studied stubborn courses from their higher institutions.

2. The Federal Capital City – Abuja:

Following after Lagos state, is the Federal Capital Territory – Abuja. It no doubt that Abuja remains the ‘landing page’ for most foreign folks, especially foreign NGOs with project to pursue in the Northern part of Nigeria. And also, don’t forget the presence of those huge government-owned establishment and Parastatals. Despite all those, the benchmark set by Lagos state in terms of employment opportunity remains unbeatable.

3. Borno State

I know most of you are expecting Rivers state to be the next, I expected same, but our statistics showed the opposite, giving the third spot to Borno state. Wondering why? Well, the answer is not far-fetched.
The consistent Boko Haram insurgence in the northern part of the country especially Borno state, has drawn the attentions of both indigenous and foreign Non-governmental Organizations to the state. Currently, there are above 20 indigenous and foreign NGOs, actively recruiting for various projects in Borno state, bringing the state to the third spot with High Employment Opportunity.

4. Rivers State

Yeah, now to the Nigerian oil depot – Rivers state. Want to pursue careers in the Oil and Gas industry, then you better start hunting jobs in Rivers state. That however, does not mean that the only available job opportunities in Rivers state are in the oil and gas sector. You can find career opportunities of varying categories in Rivers state as well.

5. Oyo State

The Last but not the least, is Oyo state. To be more specific on that, I’m referring to Ibadan, because 8 out of ten vacancies in Oyo state is taken in Ibadan, the state capital. In fact, this is not just the case of Oyo state alone, all the aforementioned states are characterized with more job opportunities in the state capital, and few scattered among other local government of the state with exception to Borno State.
In conclusion, with the state mentioned above, this does not mean that there is no other state that offers job opportunities to graduate, but when you are looking for a quick job opportunity, you can choose the preferred state to establish a good life.

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