Surface Duo can use these accessories to improve work efficiency

According to Windowslatest reports, Microsoft hopes to integrate their hardware with the Android ecosystem. The biggest feature of Surface Duo is that you can see the information of two applications at the same time, which allows users to use multiple applications at the same time without having to switch applications to improve work efficiency. Surface Duo is also promoting the optimization of the Android dual-screen user interface, and Microsoft is working with Google to develop many exciting features. For example, the Surface Duo software is specially designed to dynamically transfer the Dock icon to the display screen that is not running an application.

Naija Tech News understands that Microsoft does not provide a dedicated Bluetooth keyboard or mouse accessories for Surface Duo, but Surface Duo is already compatible with any third-party keyboard holder.

As shown in the figure above, users can connect the Surface Duo to the phone holder, use the keyboard and mouse to control Office applications, type emails, or edit long texts.

When the user uses the mouse to use the Android system, the experience is better than expected: When the user wants to use the Surface Duo as a pocket computer, the Android system has enough mouse and keyboard support capabilities .

When users browse Android with a mouse, the edge of the screen may not perform well. In most cases, the scrolling experience is excellent, but there are always some oddities. After all, the Android system is always a touch-first interface, but for devices like Surface, users can use the mobile operating system without touching the device screen.

If users only use the keyboard and Surface Duo, they still need to keep tapping the screen. For example, when the pattern lock is activated, the user must use the touch screen to unlock the phone. When the user must use the application’s special menu, touch access is also required. Fortunately, most Microsoft applications are compatible with keyboards and mice.

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