10 Best apps for drawing on iPad For Drawing Lovers

Looking for info on the best apps for drawing on iPad ? Check out the list of the best apps to draw and paint on iPad with Apple Pencil too.In recent years, more and more people have been relying on graphic tablets or tablets for drawing . Thanks to dedicated software it is possible to create small masterpieces simply by using one’s imagination and a portable instrument such as an iPad .

As you well know, the new technologies implemented in the new Apple Pencil offer you performances almost equal to that of a real pencil, guaranteeing you drawings of higher quality than traditional software.

You will know very well how powerful your iPad is, but to make the most of it you need the right applications. Today we will recommend the apps for drawing on iPad , so you can try them out and choose them according to your needs and above all the drawing style you love the most. We recommend that you update the Apple operating system and make sure that the battery charge is at least 50%, having said that, we can begin.

10 Best apps for drawing on iPad For Drawing Lovers.

10 Best apps for drawing on iPad For Drawing Lovers


  • Preliminary information
  • App for drawing on iPad
    • Procreate
    • Affinity Designer
    • ArtStudio Pro
    • Autodesk SketchBook
    • ArtRage
    • Tayasui Sketches Pro
  • App for drawing on iPad with Apple Pencil
    • Adobe Fresco
    • Concepts
    • Graphic for iPad
    • uMake
    • Draw Tattoo

Preliminary information

Maybe you’ve already taken a look at the applications installed on the iPad and noticed that for drawing simple graphics some of them are just fine. In reality, in recent years the software on the iPad are of the highest level, even the default ones, but it seems that something is always missing to be perfect.

For this reason, it is important to use third-party applications to improve your drawing experience. In order not to further complicate the search, we will divide two categories of applications for drawing on iPad, specifically: App for drawing on iPad and App for drawing on iPad with Apple Pencil . You may not have purchased Apple’s “magic pen” but still want to bring quality finger drawings to life.

To download and install the applications we are going to list, all you have to do is open the App Store and after a quick search for the name, press Get . Then give your permission to start the installation and you will be operational.

App for drawing on iPad;10 Best apps for drawing on iPad For Drawing Lovers

The fact that the Apple Pencil is not used should not make you think that they are applications of lesser value. The six software we are going to analyze all have excellent features that can offer you interesting solutions for your projects.


Among the best applications ever to draw on your iPad there is certainly Procreate , an application aimed at professionals who do not want to leave anything to chance in their digital projects. You will have 130 brushes and an advanced management system that comes very close to dedicated software on personal computers. Its strengths are: functions , brushes , customization and excellent flexibility even on older generation iPads. As you can imagine it is a paid software (costs 10.99 euros).

2.Affinity Designer.

10 Best apps for drawing on iPad For Drawing Lovers

Those who do not like Procreate’s stylized interface can rely on an excellent application such as Affinity Designer . It is particularly appreciated by designers as it is able to better manage even very large files, ensuring a perfect overlap of multiple layers for retouching. The strong points are: functions , project management and design optimization . You will find it both in the free and paid version (costs 9.99 euros).

3.ArtStudio Pro.

10 Best apps for drawing on iPad For Drawing Lovers

If your goal is to create real works of art then ArtStudio Pro is an app that you should definitely try. The speed of drawing is perfectly linked to a precise and complete line that ensures you a truly perfect color fidelity. The strengths are: color sharpness , 80 different settings and self-enhancement . You will find it for a fee at the price of 14.99 euros.

4.Autodesk SketchBook

If you are looking for a free iPad drawing app then you can’t miss Autodesk SketchBook . Thanks to an intuitive interface you can use it even if you are not an expert in drawing. It also pleases designers and architects who want to achieve optimal results in a simple way. The strengths are: intuitive interface , tools and responsiveness on all iPads.


If you are an expert designer you will know very well the different formats of digital files, from this point of view ArtRage is the best for managing files in bitmap format, that is, those most used for drawings in digital painting. You will love it if you use watercolors and graphic tablets rich in shades and oils. Its strengths are: great variety of brushes and paints . It costs 2.99 euros.

6.Tayasui Sketches Pro.

10 Best apps for drawing on iPad For Drawing Lovers

The particularly suggestive name will most likely not tell you anything, but we are facing one of the apps for drawing on the iPad most loved by those who pay attention to the point. Tayasui Sketches Pro presents a minimal interface offers you 8 basic brushes that will give you the possibility to vary from watercolor to chalk through traditional pencil.

App for drawing on iPad with Apple Pencil;10 Best apps for drawing on iPad For Drawing Lovers

Once you have analyzed the best applications for drawing with your fingers, it is time to investigate what are the most loved and downloaded programs by professionals for Apple Pencil.

As you know, there are different types of Apple Pencil that differ mainly in the reference generation. It is not difficult to imagine how a new generation Apple Pencil can offer you additional precision and functionality compared to a device from a few years ago.

But even if you have an older generation Apple Pencil you can still try the applications that we are going to list now. If you cannot use it, we will highlight it in the description. Ready to discover the most interesting applications? Here we go.

Adobe Fresco

Adobe Fresco’s interface is reminiscent of an old Windows graphics program, but don’t be afraid there is a lot of technology in this simplicity. Visually you have a dashboard similar to that of Photoshop ; in fact, you will have guessed that the company is the same: Adobe . You can use it completely free of charge and make the most of your Apple Pencil.


If drawing sketches are your thing and you don’t want ideas to simply get lost in your mind you can use the Concepts iPad app . You will be able to sketch through many tools and give yourself to creative drawing without thinking too much about perfect lines. You can download it for free and extend its functionality with in-app purchases.

Graphic for iPad

Among the most particular applications is the one produced by Picta: Graphic for iPad . Many love it for its ease of use and the many features related to brushes. You won’t notice huge differences from the most famous Illustrator and Photoshop; therefore, you can rely on us for quality professional designs. It costs € 8.99.


For iPad there are not many quality programs for drawing in 3D , among the exceptions figure uMake . An application capable, through a clean and intuitive interface, of managing your three-dimensional projects in the best possible way and exporting them using all the power of Apple’s hardware. You can find it both in the free version to view 3D projects and in the paid version to draw with the tools available.

If you don’t like uMake, you can try SketchUp Viewer , it allows you to create three-dimensional models and is perfect for designing objects and buildings. Augmented reality visualization features will give you the ability to experiment with your 3D models by merging them with the surrounding world.

Draw Tattoo

Draw Tatoo is one of the Apps to draw on iPad that you absolutely have to focus on, it provides you with excellent features for your Apple Pencil and you can download it for free to take advantage of the many tattoos available. You read that right, tattoos , the application was created for all those who want to create very detailed tattoo designs that can be used not only for the tattooing profession, but also for pure fun.

A valid alternative to Draw Tatoo is INKHUNTER . It is an app for Apple mobile devices that uses augmented reality technology providing several features that will allow you to add your tattoos, see them from different angles, extract them from paper sketches and much more.

Originally, the Adobe Photoshop Sketch app was also included in this list , but unfortunately Adobe has decided from 19 July 2021 not to make it available for download on the Apple Stores. Existing users will be able to continue using the app until January 10, 2022 and migrate their jobs to Adobe Fresco .

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