10 best online word processors

We have a list of the best online word processors and it is an activity that we carry out in our daily lives. Word processors are part of our academic, work and personal day to day, because we use them to do almost everything and they allow us to create documents, write articles like this, do homework, perform tasks of our jobs and more, so we have the best alternatives available without having to pay for them.

Traditionally, the most widely used word processors are Apple and Microsoft , everyone uses them, however and with the passage of time, the arrival of the internet and the unstoppable advance of technology, these tools can now be used online, with its own storage in the cloud and you can open it wherever and whenever you want.

Like any Internet service, most online word processors require you to create a user , as you can also use the credentials of another platform such as Google, that will protect your content and offer remote availability of your files, so that you can edit at any time, which is a real advantage, because you will never lose information.

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Microsoft Word online

We are going to start this list of the most popular word processors with the option best known to all, it is Microsoft’s Word, which for some years has been available online for computers and mobiles. In this simple version of the desktop option, you can make use of almost all the familiar functions , such as changing the font, colors, font size, font type, the type of line spacing to use and much more.

How can you use Microsoft Word online? It is very easy, you only need to have a Microsoft account and by entering your credentials you can open documents in Word , you can also export those files to use them in the desktop version and you can also convert them into a PDF document.

In addition, Word allows you to share these files and to be able to see in real time the changes that the other person makes , in this way a collaborative dynamic is created that is possible thanks to the fact that it is an online version. This way you can also have access to the control of changes made in the document.

Google Docs

We are moving towards the second position with the other best known alternative, and that is that in the field of office automation suites, Google also managed to consolidate its own market share. It is Google Docs and today it is among the most popular and most used, because it allows you to create documents and do everything that you traditionally did in Word or on your Mac, but now totally online.

In Google Docs you will get all the options you need and more, in addition to having everything safely stored in the cloud , so if you are working and unexpectedly the electricity service goes out, there is an Internet cut or you simply run out of battery the laptop, you will know that what you wrote is there completely saved and you will not have lost anything.

In this service you will find all the functions that are regularly needed, such as font adjustment, size, color, format, you can even add tables and make corrections or collaborative drafting.

Dropbox Paper

We continue to the third position of this count and now it is the turn for a service that is very popular, but especially because of its cloud tool, it is also free and totally online, it is Dropbox Paper , you can use it on your website, but you can also have it on your Android or iOS mobile.

One of its main strengths, in addition to having all the basic functions that are required in a word processor, is that you can share a document in real time , that allows several people to participate in it or read it at the same time.

Zoho Writer

We are still looking for the best free word processors that we can get on the market and now we are going with an option that is good, but it is not as well known. This is Zoho Writer, which has several interesting benefits such as, for example, it includes a particular virtual assistant that is in charge of checking the grammar of the text , it also checks its readability and even makes style suggestions.

Also, this option is ideal for collaboration , since it includes change control tools to facilitate its review. It has integration with Blogger and WordPress, that means that if you have a blog or a website you can automatically publish that content.


If what you are looking for in a word processor is simplicity and minimalism then ZenPen is the ideal option for you. You will see that it includes few, but useful functions: a tool to enlarge the size of the document, you can also use a function to change the background between black and white, it also includes a word counter and the last function is to save the text.

You can save the document as plain text, as you can also create an HTML file , you can also make paragraph changes, add italics or bold, include links and much more.


We are still in the next position on the list of the best online word processors that we can get. This is TypWrittr, it is a simple service in which you do not have to pay anything, but if you will have to register on its website , after that you can start using it normally and you can also see the tutorial that teaches you to use the tool completely.

You will see on the right side of the screen the main functionalities that are available , such as creating a new document, customizing the font size, choosing a background for the text, among the available options.

One of the characteristics that makes this tool stand out is that it has the same automatic saving system as in Google Docs, that will allow you to be calm and write without having to worry about filing. Another of the included functions is that it allows you to export a text directly to a Word document so that it is compatible on any computer.


We continue to see the alternatives of free online word processors and now we are going with WriteURL, a simple option that includes the main functions that we expect from any tool of this type , from placing bold, italic, underlining text, changing the font, choosing a type of font and place the desired size, you can even add links and images.

Collaboration is one of the strengths of this processor , because it allows several people to work simultaneously on the file and the changes will be observed for everyone in real time. You can also use its offline mode and it also includes an encryption function that allows greater security and control when sharing these files.


We move one step further in this list of free online word processors and now we go with Draft, which is also a little more popular and to use it you must create a user account, that will allow you to access your files at any time from any device.

The interface is simple, intuitive and pleasant, but it also includes different advanced options so that you can create texts according to your needs . One of the main strengths of this tool is that it favors collaboration, several users can access the document in real time and edit it together.

It also includes a compatibility function with Blogger and WordPress that will allow you to publish directly on your website or blog, once you have finished your text. You can also export your texts to Drive or Dropbox and continue working on them, as well as being able to create folders to store your files.


We are approaching the end of this list of the best free online word processors, now it’s StackEdit’s turn. This option has all the customization functions currently available on the market , from changing the font size, desired font type, format, it also allows you to add quotes, images, videos and numbered lists.

One of the characteristics that stand out in this option is the possibility of converting a plain text into HTML , that will allow you to add this content directly to a website.

This platform adapts to ICT practices, which means that it can be an allied tool in the creation of blogs and content for teachers and students.


We have reached the end of the count and now it is time to talk about FirePad. This option stands out for being a completely collaborative tool , allowing several users to work on the document at the same time, even when writing web code, for this it includes a specific functionality for that task.

It has a control panel in which you can manage the users of each file and the permissions that it has within the document, so each collaborator has their own user and this allows to facilitate the control of changes, being able to visualize what each participant has done.

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