10 Best VPN Software For Windows/MAC 2024

Top 10 best vpn software for windows and mac pc

Top 10 best vpn software for windows and mac pc

We use internet on our computer to perform our routine task. Everybody wants to take benefits of internet from different aspects. On the other hand internet is also full of malicious activities and cyber crimes. Cyber crime mostly take place on public internet which is free to use. Their is no security over these types of network. So we all need VPN software for windows & mac to keep over precious data safe over public internet. These tools route our data through a secure virtual private network and keep it away from hackers eye. Also some local networks restrict some website for security reason. To access these website we need VPN software for MAC & Windows. These tools hide our data using encryption algorithms and helps to access internet securely.

Best VPN Software For Windows.

1. Total VPN.

Total VPN is the surety of fast speed, data security and unlimited bandwidth over the public internet. It completely hide our IP address and personal information. It provide access to 30 plus geographical locations. This software also provide the surety of zero monitoring. We can easily unblock our favorite website from anywhere. It provide its security only for 5.99 $ USD per month. No matter what kind of device and OS we are using. It is available for all types of devices.

Total VPN

2. Saferweb.

Safer is a popular VPN client service provider. It provide fast internet speed and data security over public network using encryption techniques. We can easily unblock the restricted sites and also keep away from any type of tracking. It is one of best in all VPN Software for windows & mac. It provide easy to use interface and one click connection establishment.

Saferweb Vpn

3. Cyber Ghost.

Cyber Ghost provide us the military level protection. It is available for IOS, Android, Windows, Linux and Mac OS. Cyber Ghost keeps us safe from hacking attempt, tracking attempts and keep away from monitoring. It is easy to use and provide attractive interface. We can also unblock content we love and safe our online privacy. It provide 30 days money back guarantee. Its premium plan is available for 4.99 € per month.

Cyber Ghost Vpn

4. Ipvanish.

Ipvanish is a VPN client software which is available for Windows, Mac, IOS and Android. It provide its services for $10 per month and 7 day money back offer if you don’t like it’s services. We easily make any Internet connection secure with its services. Another good choice in all VPN Software for MAC & Windows. Hide your IP easily to surf Internet anonymously. It provide unlimited bandwidth with 256 bit AES encryption.

Ipvanish Vpn

5. Psiphon.

Psiphon is a most popular VPN client software since 2008. It is available on Windows and Android platform. It provides secure connection over public Internet. Feel freedom with psiphon and surf Internet anonymously. It is easy to use and provide one touch secure connection. Psiphon is another good option in VPN Software for Windows & MAC. It uses VPN,  SSH and HTTP technology.

Psiphon Vpn

6. Tunnelbear.

Tunnelbear is another best VPN Software for Windows & MAC. It is available for Windows, Mac, iPhone and Android platforms. Additionally they provides 500 MB free data transfer per month. Its premium version is available for a cost of 6.99 $ USD dollars per month. Its network is available in 20 countries. It provide full trust guarantee and zero monitoring logs. It also provide simple on off control with easy to use interface and 256 bits encryption.

Tunnelbear Vpn

7. Express VPN.

Another best  VPN software for MAC & Windows clients. It is compatible with all version of Windows. They almost have  78 servers around the world to provide its services around the world. It also provide fast Internet speed and secure Internet connection over the public Internet. It provide 30 day money back offer if you do not like it’s services.

Express Vpn

8. Incognitovpn.

It is another best VPN app for Windows, Linux, Mac. As i personally used this software service, I like it. It provide best data encryption, nobody can track you over the internet. Its plan starts from 4.99 $ per month. It also provide its services for Android, Windows and IOS mobile OS. Its server are available on 30 plus locations to provide you world wide internet access.

Incognito vpn

9. Purevpn.

Purevpn service is almost available in 141 different countries. We can easily choose our data route between the VPN and ISP network within the client software. It provide its services for Windows, Mac, IOS and Android. It also provide 256 bit military level encryption to secure our data. We can easily unblock restricted website with the help of this software.


10. Tourguard.

Tourguard is another best VPN software for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android. It provide unlimited speed and secure connection. It allow up to 5 connection simultaneously. In addition it support IP tunnel, SSH encryption for extra support. It offer a very genuine cost of $ 5.95 per month. Tourguard also support bitcoin as an option for payment. It provide zero log policy to keep our privacy safe. It has 1600 plus servers in 50 countries.

Torguard Vpn

So these are best VPN software for windows PC to keep our data & identity secure and protected. Feel free to leave your questions and suggestions in the comments below.

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