10 Retailers in US that Accept Apple Pay in 2024

Apple Pay is an incredibly convenient tool when you set it up. To pay, you simply go to a register, tap your phone, and you’ve paid for your purchase.

Sadly, the rollout of contactless payments in the US has been slow. Even during a global pandemic where contactless payments are necessary, many retailers in the US still aren’t accepting Apple Pay.

If you use Apple Pay and want to know what retailers currently accept contactless payments, this list is for you. Here are all the best places you can use Apple Pay in the US.

1. The Apple Store

apple store

The creator of Apple Pay accepts Apple Pay at its retail locations. If you’re in the market for a new phone, a pair of headphones, or a computer, you can use Apple Pay to check out at any Apple Store.

If you need to get a phone or computer repaired, you can also pay for this service with Apple Pay.

2. Target

target retail store

Target is one of the largest retailers in the US, and Target accepts Apple Pay (as well as other mobile payments) at all retail stores.

To pay with Apple Pay, hold your device over the payment terminal once it’s ready to accept payment. When you do this, double-tap the Side button on your iPhone—or the Home button if your iPhone has one—and the Apple Pay logo will come up and the payment will begin to process. If you’re using self-checkout, you do the same thing.

3. Costco

costco warehouse

All Costco warehouse locations in the US accept mobile payments. If you’re a Costco member, paying with Apple Pay makes checking out easier than ever.

However, the Costco gas station does not currently accept mobile payments.

4. Aldi

aldi retail store

For those who want to pay for groceries using Apple Pay, Aldi accepts contactless payments at the register. Aldi is a great grocery store full of deals already. Known for revolutionizing how we shop for groceries, it makes sense that Apple Pay is accepted at all retail locations.

5. Walgreens

walgreens retail sign

One of the most popular pharmacies in the US, Walgreens accepts Apple Pay at checkout. Like at other stores, hold your device over the payment terminal after you select Apple Pay on the terminal. Or, tell the cashier you want to pay with Apple Pay.

If you have a Walgreens card, be sure to scan this before you pay to get access to coupons and even spend some of your points to lower the price of your purchase.

6. McDonald’s

mcdonalds restaurant

McDonald’s accepts Apple Pay at select locations, making it easy to get a quick meal. However, you will need to pay in the store, as paying with Apple Pay through the drive-through can be too difficult.

While not all locations have Apple Pay terminals, you can pay through the McDonald’s app at every location and the app connects to your Apple Wallet.


ikea warehouse

Shopping at IKEA is always a blast. After all, what other furniture store sells meatballs? With Apple Pay accepted at all IKEA locations in the US, checking out just got even easier. IKEA also accepts Apple Pay for online or pick-up purchases.

8. Little Caesars

pizza box

If you want a five-dollar hot and ready pizza, Little Caesars is the place to go. While Little Caesars used to accept PayPal as payment, that is no longer the case. However, on Twitter, it was announced that Little Caesars does accept Apple Pay for payment.

While we know that Apple Pay is accepted, it wasn’t clear if every retail store or just select stores accept it. If Apple Pay is your only or preferred payment, be sure to check before going.

9. Starbucks

starbucks sign

Starbucks accepts Apple Pay at select locations. However, it isn’t clear which locations accept it.

Starbucks does accept Apple Pay in its app, which can be used at every location. If your favorite location doesn’t have an Apple Pay terminal, consider using the app instead.

10. Panera Bread

panera coffee

Similar to Starbucks, Panera offers Apple Pay at select locations. Apple Pay is also accepted within the app, and you can pay through the app at every location, making it easy to order breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

For Apple Card customers, you can get double the cashback when you purchase Panera using Apple Pay with your Apple Card as the payment method.

Apple Pay Is Spreading

While Apple Pay is still rolling out across the US, many great retailers accept Apple Pay. With new payment terminals including mobile payments, more retailers will soon accept Apple Pay. Hopefully, in the future, it will be even more widely available.

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