10 Riddles For 5 Year Old

Riddles For 5 Year Olds.Riddles or riddles for children are ideal activities to exercise the minds of your children or students. Our riddles with answers include various levels of complexity. However, they are all short, easy to read and understand. So, whether at home or in the classroom, encourage your children to have fun while developing their thinking and logic skills .

10 Riddles For 5 Year Old

Check out our selection of riddles for children and share them with your children. And if you know any more riddles, send them to info@elbebe.com with the subject “riddles for children” and we will publish it.

Some kids are very resourceful and love riddles


  1. If a rooster on a roof lays an egg and the wind is going to the right, where will the egg fall?
  • Roosters do not lay eggs
  1. What does a cow do when the sun rises?
  1. What is the star that has no light?
  1. How do you get an elephant out of a pool?
  1. A duck and a boy are born at the same time. After a year, which one is older of the two?
  • The duck because it has a year and a beak.
  1. Where would you hide a sheep?
  • In a flock
  1. In the air, a helicopter and a small plane intersect. What are the pilots called?
  1. What animal jumps higher than a house?
  • Houses don’t jump
  1. What is the animal with the most teeth?
  • The tooth fairy
  1. What does it take to light a candle?
  • That is off

Your riddles to share

Gerardo Quintero sends us the following riddles:

1. Where is it first on Thursday than Wednesday?

·  In the alphabet.

2. What is in the center of Paris?

·  The r.

3. What is the longest day of the week?

·  On Wednesday.

Solve children’s riddles and riddles and you will  get many benefits ; 

  • it will allow you to expand the vocabulary you use,
  • develop cognitive ability,
  • encourage imagination,
  • facilitate greater association of ideas
  • and many more things that you will discover as the fun also grows with these unique word games.

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