13 Best File Sharing Websites to Send Large Files Online (Free and Paid)

Are you looking for the best file sharing websites to send big files online? Here is the collection of top file sharing websites and tools to transfer large files.

Cloud storage brings a revolution in file hosting, storage, and transfer function. It is now easier to share big files online by simply uploading and sending within few clicks. Also, the premium server and high-speed internet make file sharing more convenient.

What is the Best File Sharing Website?

Google Drive is the best file sharing website to send big files. In terms of security and accessibility, Google Drive comes first. It is easy, convenient, and safe. Also, you can access from any device. Besides, it provides cloud storage to store files.

Most of the popular file sharing websites offer free packages, but you can always upgrade to premium services. Here we have rounded the accessible file sharing sites online both free and paid versions.

What to Look for While Choosing File Sharing Website?

First thing, you must check the file upload limit. Many file sharing websites offer less file size limit than others. If you need to send big files online, then read their features first and select one who can send large files online.

The second feature you should check for is the sending method. Almost all file sharing sites offer download links; however, many of them provide email links too.

The third issue you must look for is the file security. While testing file sharing sites, we have found that many of them delete the uploaded files within a time limit. So, it could be best to file privacy. On the other hand, you can generate a privately encrypted download link if you have a premium account.

The fourth key is advertisements for the download page. When you use a free file sharing website, you will see the download page contains numerous ads. That’s how the sharing service providers earn revenue. However, the issue is most of the ads are confusing and deceptive because the ads disguise as the download links or buttons. Many users report that they cannot differentiate the real download button. Also, often, clicking the ads lead to download malicious program on your computer. So, check the download page carefully.

Top 13 Best File Sharing Websites Online

If you are looking for the best file sharing websites online, then you are in the right place. Here we have discussed and explained top and popular file sharing sites to send big files. Check the details and choose one to share your file.

Best File Sharing Websites

1. Google Drive

When it comes abo file storage service and sharing website, Google Drive will come to mind. It is a cloud-based storage website where you can upload all kinds of files and share them via both direct links and email.

Google Drive primarily provides 15 GB cloud storage for all your files. Also, you can upgrade any time if you want more.

With your Google account details, you can log in from anywhere in the world. The user-friendly design and simplicity make Google Drive more prominent to users.

However, the only drawback is that its 15 GB storage is combining other storage of Google products such as Gmail and Google Photos.

Visit: Google Drive

2. Dropbox

Dropbox is the golden standard of file sharing website. There was a time when netizen knows Dropbox as one of the top file sharing sites. However, now it reduces the file upload limit to only 2 GB. Still, premium packages are dominating the market.

Dropbox is now focusing more on its enterprise solutions. It is now a not only file transferring website but also an office tool to organize, personalize, and coordinate documents.

3. OneDrive

Competing with Google Drive, Microsoft initiated a file sharing service like OneDrive. It is a default online data storage and synchronizing use for Windows and Office 365.

Initially, Microsoft OneDrive offers 5 GB of free cloud storage. You can upload files and photos, and send them to anyone with a direct link or email ID.

4. WeTransfer

If you want a simple upload and send big files online without storage, then you can choose WeTransfer. It claimed to be the most straightforward file sharing tool online.

WeTransfer comes with a 2 GB file size limit for a free account. The most significant benefit of using WeTransfer is that you do not need to create an account to share files. Simply upload a file, type the recipient’s email address along with yours and hit the send button.

Besides, the users can send the direct WeTransfer file link to the receiver. The download link stays active for one week.

5. Send Anywhere

Apart from the ample storage based platforms such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive, Send Anywhere – the freemium file sharing website –  offers varieties options to upload and send big files online.

It offers multi-platform apps such as Windows, macOS, and Android, and iOS. Also, there are different direct download links such as through the site, code, URL, or email. With the free package, you can send the file as big as 10 GB, and the download link stays active for 48 hours.

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6. MediaFire

Currently, MediaFire is the accessible direct link best file sharing website online. Almost eight out of ten links shared are coming from MediaFire because it is one of the oldest file transferring sites.

MediaFire gives you 10 GB of online free storage to share files online through direct links. Also, it has an Android and iOS app for smartphone users.

Visit: MediaFire

7. Zippyshare

Zippyshare is another popular free best file sharing website widely mentioned on the internet. It does not have any total upload and downloads limits.

But the user can upload the maximum file size up to 500 MB. Also, the uploaded files will be deleted after 30 days.

Zippyshare offers unlimited cloud storage, and there is no requirement to make an account. Along with the direct download link, you can share files through email, message, or even social media.

8. SendSpace

If you want to find the simple file sharing website to send a large file via email and direct link, then choose SendSpace as the first file sharing website online. Also, the users can send multiple files at a time.

You can send, receive, track, and share large files without creating an account. With Desktop software, the user can send data online even more conveniently.

The single file size limit is 300 MB, where the SendSpace Pro plan allows users to send a single file up to 5 GB of data.

For More: SendSpace Reviews and Pricing

9. Box

The Box is not only a file sharing website but also a cloud computing and collaboration tools like Dropbox. It supports cross-platform clients and apps such as Windows, macOS, and several mobiles.

Trusted by the world’s major corporations and enterprises, Box provides extraordinary office management tasks from anywhere. In the free package, Box offers 10 GB storage as well as a 250 MB upload limit. However, you will find the slower loading when you upload large audio and video files.

10. pCloud

pCloud is a secure cloud storage and file sharing website where you can share files easily. Also, you can sync and work on files from multiple devices.

It is known for the desktop application drive working great for Windows, macOS, and Linux. With 10 GB free storage, you can seamlessly store, share, and transfer files online.

11. MEGA

Mega is one of the oldest and best file sharing sites online. It works through the web-based app, though you can download the app for Windows, Android, and iOS.

It makes cloud storage secure and convenient. You can rely on Mega storage. Also, the transfer speed is fast.

MEGA provides end-to-end encryption to every file and chat, so only you and the receiver can see the documents. With the encryption system, MEGA takes the business data security to the next level. You will get 50 GB cloud storage free when you create an account.

12. Hightail

Hightail works similar to SendSpace, send big files online, track and receive. The main feature is to send large files online securely. The recipient will get an email notification as soon as you hit the send button.

The free plan offers a file size limit up to 100 MB, including the 7-days file expiration. Also, you will get 2 GB of free storage. The exciting feature is that you can set expiration dates and password protection, which is not available to other file sharing sites. Moreover, the Pro and Business Plan offer unlimited storage.

13. DropSend

Similar to SendSpace and Hightail, DropSend makes it easy to send large files online. If you want to share a file that is too big for email, then send the file though DropSend.

Trusted by 4 million users worldwide, DropSend does not only send data from one device to another, but also it delivers security, functionality, and convenience.

DropSend takes the file security seriously. Every file is secured with 256 AES high-level encryption, which makes it impossible to break for even the fastest computer.

The free plan contains 4 GB file sharing, and the sending limit is five times per month. Also, you can send multiple files simultaneously.


There are many file sharing websites available and to choose the best one, you need to look for not only the file size limit but also the security and safety issue.

While researching to find the best file sharing website to send big files, we have encountered a critical issue for the free plan. We have seen that under free packages, most of the download page contains suspicious advertisements; which may redirect to illicit websites or in the worst case; you may download a malware unintentionally. So, while using the free plan, our advice would be to choose the secure file sharing site and double-check the download button.

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