15 Features You May Not Know About PS4

Whether you are newcomers to PlayStation 4 or players already veterans on the Sony console , it is possible that you still do not know some of its functions that allow you to use it taking advantage of all the options it offers.

Surely you will use your PS4 in a normal way, but … what if we tell you that you can customize the buttons of the DualShock 4 or you want to customize the quick menu of the console ?.

For this reason, we compile a series of tricks to get the most out of your PS4:


Timing is critical to taking perfect screenshots. The “Easy Screenshots” function in [SHARE Button Control Type] of the \ [Sharing & Streaming] menu allows you to capture images with a single click of the  SHARE button . We really like the “Press and hold” option of the “Standard” option, but we are left with the single click, faster and more precise.


We want to bring the PlayStation 4 entertainment experience to the widest possible audience. Therefore, the system has some  functions designed to help players with vision problems .

In [Accessibility] you will find options like “Invert colors”, “Larger text”, “Bold text” and “High contrast”. With “Zoom” you can zoom in on a portion of the screen by pressing the PS button and the Square button at the same time, scroll the screen with the left joystick, return to the original size of the image by pressing the Circle button when you are done and get back to action. This is particularly useful in games that have menus and interfaces that can be read between action sequences.


Also in [Accessibility], you will find “Button assignments”, an option that allows you to completely redefine the buttons and joysticks of your Dualshock 4. This function is designed mainly for players with reduced mobility, but everyone can take advantage of it. Do you want to change the configuration of the buttons of a game that does not have an express option for it? “Button assignments” is here for you.


Activate your PS4 as your main system  with the option “Activate as your main PS4” in [Account Management] to extend the benefits of your PlayStation Plus subscription and the use of your applications for all users of your system (You can follow using Family in PS4 filters – INSERT LINK TO FAMILY ACCOUNTS ARTICLE).

But hey, we have a little something for you, dear top user! Now you can enjoy the automatic download of your reservations and purchases from the PS Store, as well as the option to connect to your PS4 through Remote Play from another device. Remember to leave your PS4 in sleep mode!


Sometimes I wonder what I would do without the great options in [Make Functions Available in  Sleep Mode ] in [Power Saving Settings]. Well, for starters, my Dualshock 4 would constantly run out of power!

  • Turn on “Supply Power to USB Ports” and after playing the game, connect your DS4 to the system to have it fully charged and ready for your next adventure.
  • Select the “Keep application suspended” checkbox to enter sleep mode without closing any applications. So the next time you use your PlayStation 4 you can continue the action right where you left off, without waiting for loading times.
  • But the palm is taken ” Staying connected to the Internet “, which allows downloading and uploading data while your system is at rest. Upload saved data to the cloud on your PS Plus and automatically download firmware or game updates, turn on your PS4 from a network, manually initiate downloads on the go with PlayStation Store or any web browser… it works like a charm!


Have you ever seen  a small padlock on a game thumbnail image  in the start menu and couldn’t start it? This means that something has gone wrong with the license purchased from the PlayStation Store. Use the “Restore licenses” option in [Account Management] and after a quick sync with PSN, your game will be available again.


  • Do you want to have more control over which  notifications  you will see on the screen? The [Notifications] menu allows you to choose the type of alerts you will receive and also offers you the option to completely disable them during movie playback by checking “Disable pop-up messages during video playback”.
  • Have tons of friends on PSN but just want to know when your best buddies are online? Use ” Notifications when friends connect ” and select their IDs to set alerts about the friends you love the most.


  • If multiple users are sharing your PS4, but you’re the only one getting the most out of the system, you may want to take a look at [Access Settings] to make the login process  a bit more personal. Activate “Log in to PS4 automatically” to bypass the user selection screen when turning on the console.
  • “Login Key Management” allows you to create a four-digit pin code for added security and privacy.
  • A special tip for users who have PlayStation Camera: check “Activate facial recognition” and the system will recognize your face and you will log in automatically.


Do you know that you can name your PS4 and even talk to it? Take a look at the [System] menu and see for yourself. If you want to  change the name of your system  (because you have more than one PS4 at home, etc.), go to “System Information” and unleash your creativity.

And yes, we have said that you can talk to your PS4. Activate “Use PS4 with voice” in [Voice operation settings] and exclaim “PlayStation!” to a microphone connected to the system (the internal microphone of the PlayStation Camera also works), follow the on-screen instructions and  control the system with your voice .


Thinking of swapping your PS4 for a PS4 Pro this Christmas? Don’t forget to make a  backup of  your current system and initialize it to completely erase your private data from the hard drive. Use the “Initialize PS4” option in [Initialization] and choose the level of erasing depth you prefer.

  • “Fast” is the fastest option, but your data could be recovered with the use of specialized tools.
  • “Full” takes several hours, but guarantees the complete removal of every byte of information related to you or other users of the system. Be very careful because the process cannot be stopped or reversed!


Have you ever wondered how the system calculates the rarity of a  Trophy ? A Trophy is considered Ultra Rare if the percentage of players who have the game and have achieved it is 5% or less, Very Rare if it is between 5% and 15%, Rare if it is between 15% and 50% and Common when it is greater than 50%.

And speaking of rarity, if you need a little help to unlock that Trophy that is driving you crazy, use the “Search the Internet” function in the quick menu by pressing the Options button on the name of the trophy. This will run an automatic Google search from the PS4’s browser, which is ideal for quickly reading a guide (or watching a YouTube video about it) and getting back into action directly with the trick from point 12 …


Double press the PS button to instantly switch between the last two apps you’ve been using. This trick works if you are playing a game and using native PS4 apps at the same time, such as PS4 browser, PS Store, What’s New, Live from PlayStation, Capture Gallery, PS Video, Communities, Events, Trophies, and PS Plus.


Want to take a quick look at everything about  PS Plus ? By entering PlayStation Plus (the first icon on the left of the start menu), you can manage your account, view your library of PS Plus games (including the titles of the month) and see all the benefits and offers that your subscription includes.


On PS4, there are other ways of writing aside from “point and click”. Press R3 when the virtual keyboard is on screen and use the DS4’s motion sensors to move smoothly between letters and press X to type.

Do you want a faster method? Swipe your finger across the touch pad and click when you are on the letter you want to enter.

Special mention for keyboards: If you have any to spare, plug it into the USB port of your PS4 and start typing. You can even configure your input language and a user dictionary in the [Language] menu of the Settings.


  • Press and hold the PS button at any time and the helpful Quick Menu will appear on the screen for immediate access to frequently used functions. Select [Customize] and you can customize the spaces with the elements you use most often.

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