15 Websites ASCII drawings to share

If you are looking for the best drawings in this standard to share with your friends on social networks, or you are still using SMS and want to make them more original, we are going to show you some pages where you will find the coolest, most striking or representative according to what you are looking for. Before doing so, we remember what it is and how to make your own creations so that you can later get ideas on the pages where you will find many images in text to choose from and that are adapted to the main social networks.

The ASCII code is a standard to represent characters in any electronic device referring to a fixed encoding assigned to printable characters, such as letters, punctuation marks and numbers, and to non-printable control characters, by means of which when passing through the device translates and displays the desired character.

It may seem complicated like this explained, but it is much simpler than it seems, so we are going to tell you a little more about its origin, symbolism and how it has become something else with the creation of drawings, more and more elaborate, in this standard.


ASCII was created to understand what we write on computers, since it was necessary to make a translation from the binary system to the Latin alphabet . Its encoding is used frequently, although in order to make this change, encodings are required to represent the texts accurately.

One of the best known systems is Unicode , a coding standard that includes its symbology in its programming. We must also highlight UTF-8, essential for the representation of texts since it represents any Unicode character using symbols of variable length.

The standard code consists of 128 characters , not all alphanumeric. The four groups into which it is divided are command characters, special characters, for digits, and for letters. With this you can do many things, including “drawings.”

ASCII drawings

This art is about an artistic form consisting of making your graphic creations using text symbols . It has been used as a source language to create company logos, products, video game design and much more, although you can also use it to share with your friends on social networks.

To insert an ASCII character, just press the ALT key and type the character code at the same time. You have to use the numeric keypad to type the numbers, not the standard one. Therefore, check that the NUM LOCK key is activated.

If you just need to type a few symbols or special characters, you can use the character map on your computer (do this search in Google search) or type keyboard shortcuts. If you want more and search for Keyboard shortcuts for international characters , you can find them here .

15 Websites ASCII drawings to share

For Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram

If you want to share the drawings you find online with your friends on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp, it is best to resort to websites where there is a good compilation of images ready to copy and paste .

This will make it much easier for you, because if you have to be inspired to make a drawing by hand, it will cost you a lot, unless it is very little elaborate. For this reason, we show you some pages to inspire you, but in which you can also take the creations easily when you need it.


On this page you can find very original drawings and figures that you can use both on Facebook and on other social networks, as well as having a final section that shows you how to convert your signature into an ASCII drawing and how to create your own converter.

As you can see, you can customize the images with your own words or by adding something else, it is very intuitive since in some it already shows you what you can change. Take a good look before you copy it and send it to someone. You can continue browsing the page because there will be more sections, including Facebook itself with characters.


On this page, you can find drawings of faces to share on social networks. You just have to find the one you like the most and copy and paste directly. Check that it looks good before shipping and get it done. You can adapt them to each of the social networks, you can already see it on the page itself.

If you give it below, you can find other figures to share, such as those of women, flowers, musical notes and more. There is a great possibility to choose from, so it can be one of your reference sites if you are looking for original figures.


It is not the most attractive site in the world, but in it you can find different figures to use on Facebook or wherever you want. In the menu above, where it says ASCII, you will find different possibilities, since there are figures of this type, there are large ones and Unicode characters. It can be an interesting place to inspire you for your creations or directly copy the ones that exist, surely you will find one that you like to share with family and friends.


If what you are looking for is high quality to inspire you, but you cannot copy and paste (in some cases) but simply send them as is or copy them until you find your own adapted creation, we show you two reference sites where you will find designs in this standard of high quality . They are reference means to turn to if you want to find well-designed figures of different categories.


In Wikimedia you can find a single category of this standard with 6 subcategories with very elaborate art , which may be interesting if you look at them if you want to make your own creations or are looking for something else. The downside is that they are photos, so if you want to copy them without being in image format, you will have to use the same characters in this order.


This is an art page where you will find spectacular images . If you find the one you like, you just have to go to it to see in source, where you can find it to copy it. You will find many high-quality options on this Twitter, and also other interesting ones will appear in source. You can save them or go to the option to copy in ASCII.

Websites with ASCII anime drawings/15 Websites ASCII drawings to share

In these pages you will find a compilation of websites where you will find various high quality anime figures created in this standard, each one more original. Surely some of their characters sound familiar to you, since despite everything in many cases they are quite realistic and easily differentiated, especially if you know them.

In addition, you can use a text editor in which you can create your own creations online as if you were in Paint transforming the characters so that you can copy them and share them with your friends. It is ASCIIFlow . If you want, you can go directly to the anime sections where you will find various collections. Above all the content that you are going to see will appear.

Asciart Website

On this page you can find several figures in this standard, among which you will find an anime and manga section, among many other categories that may be of interest to you. In the anime and manga category itself you will see several sections for you to choose the one that interests you the most. You will see them all in one go before making your selection. Below each one, you will see the option to copy to the clipboard, so you can use it whenever you want.


On this page you will directly find several anime images that you can copy and paste wherever you want. Also, you can edit them to write custom text and share with other people. They are creations of whoever made the page. The downside is that when you try to enter it will tell you that it is not a secure page, so if you want to enter you must accept the section that you assume the risks.

Sunny sport

In Sunny Sport you will find several anime figures, as well as others that may be of interest to you. If you want to go directly to the anime ones , you can go directly to the page where there are several options to choose from, very elaborate too. At first, you will be able to see what you will come across so that you can search more easily. In addition, there are other categories in case you are interested in delving beyond this topic.


On garciachavezcor’s Pinterest you can find a good collection of art with varied images that look very good. You just have to choose the one that interests you the most and use it, there are many that you can choose from. Once you have made your selection, it will take you to the page where it is located so that you can save it, although you will not be able to copy and paste directly, but it will appear in PNG format .


For whatever use you want to give it, it is best to use a converter that will make it easier for you to do it by hand or find a specific one that is costing you, so we also show you some web pages where you can convert them into ASCII. It is much simpler than it seems, you just have to have the photo that you are interested in converting, it can even be yours. What we do recommend is to make a good selection of photos so that the conversion is of higher quality.

ASCII Art Generator

Using this tool is very simple. You just have to click to convert and choose the option you prefer (by default it appears in black and white), then load the file (what you want to transform) or indicate the link where they are, select the width and start. It will start creating the art for free and you can use it whenever you want. The width allowed is from 40 to 800, it may be interesting that you adapt it to your needs depending on where you are going to use it.

Topster Generator

The tool on this page ASCII Generator: Convert Image to Text allows you to convert any image to text. You just have to choose the output among those that appear in the drop-down, the characters per line, select the photo and convert to text. The signature of the page will appear below it, you can change it to the text that interests you.


This service has a tool where you can convert the image you want, with a maximum of 0.5 MB . You just have to click Select file to choose it, select the output width up to a maximum of 200 and see if the other options interest you . You can use color, restrict to 15 ANSI colors, use retro phosphor colors, and invert. Once you have uploaded it and selected the options that interest you, or without changing anything, you can click Convert .

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