30 HTC Secret Codes “They” Don’t Want You To Know 27 HTC Secret Code

27 HTC Secret Code

27 HTC Secret Code

HTC uses an android operating system software. HTC has some secret codes used by its users to unlock some hidden features of the device. Manufacturers didn’t have the mind to make this code secret or hidden to user, they did not wantget the common user confused in the process of using the device. These codes are of two types which are the manufacturer-specific codes and the general codes. These are codes below:

1. Screening testing on HTC (*#*#2664#*#*)

This code is use to test how well your HTC touch screen device is working or otherwise. The testing allows you to effectively see the functionality of your device touch screen.

2. HTC Proximity sensor test. (*#*#0588#*#*)

When you dial this code it automatically takes you to proximity section of your HTC device thereby you are able to perform serial test on the proximity sensor. Using this code is more easier and faster  compared to going through your home screen to the application screen icon and then to the settings page and clicking on about, then diagnostics, test device, ear proximity and then follow the instruction.

3. To check your IMEI number (*#06#)

Inputting this unique code on your daily prompts up  fifteen digits which is your IMEI number and this number can also help you check the originality of your HTC device by going to IMEI info on your device and the input the IMEI number in the box and click check.

Secret Codes for HTC phone!!!

4. Information about HTC device( *#*#4636# *#*)

This code is use for testing the functionality, worker ability and effectiveness of your HTC device menu. This code also help you to get your HTC device software information such OS version, OS installation date, band base version and  lot more, and the hardware part shows device manufacture date, RAM, memory size and others.

5. Service activity test (*#*#197328640#*#*)

Dialing this code will give access to your device network service, you will be able to teat for the strength of the network connected to your HTC device.

6. HTC display code (*#*#0*#*#*)

This code can be use to test for your HTC liquid crystal display, your device display plays a major role in the overall performance of your device, testing the display will give an idea of it.

7. Vibration and backlight test (*#*#0842#*#*)

This code help you test for the efficiency of your HTC device  vibration and backlight without having to go through your device settings page. You can use this code to increase or decrease your device’s back light.

8. GPS test (*#*#1472365#*#*)

This code’s main function is to test for the functionality of your GPS embedded in your HTC device, when you dialing this code all feature of your GPS will be displayed.


9. HTC Factory Reset (*#*#7780#*#*)

When dial this code on your HTC device a screen prompt us giving you the option to reset your phone. Using this code will restore factory setting to your device. Data will be removed such as Google settings stored on your HTC device, downloaded application and system settings.

10. Display Software Information (*#*#1111#*#*)

Using this code will show your device software details such as software manufacture date, baseband information, firmware update and more.

11. Hardware version (*#*#2222#*#*)

Dialing this code on your HTC device it will display hardware manufacture date, hardware version, hardware properties such as proximity sensors, camera versions and running operating system.

12.  Wi-Fi MAC address (*#*#232338#”#*)


Wifi MAC address is your device unique hardware number on your Wifi. When you dial this code from your call app on your HTC device the hardware number is displayed.

13. HTC function test program (*#*#3424#*#)

This code is used to test the installed program on your HTC device, the program version, year of installation and last update will be

HTC ONE secret code

14. Bluetooth Mac address (*#*#232337#*#)

This shows the unique addresses used to identify the HTC bluetooth, the code is meant for your HTC bluetooth only.

15. Bluetooth test (*#*#232331#*#*)

Here you can easily test you HTC device bluetooth for its perfect functionality, the test shows if the bluetooth is still in a good status.

16. Touch Screen version (*#*#2663#*#*)

Testing your screen version is very important so that if your HTC device encounters a screen problem, you will be able to know the right screen version to replace it with.

17. Touch Screen Test (*#*#2664#*#*)

HTC U12+

Testing your android HTC screen helps you know where there is calibration defect.

18. Debug UI (#*#759#*#*)

In previous times you must have encountered system UI failure on your HTC device,worry less here is the code for debugging any issues with your device User Interface.

19. HTC software Version –( *#*#1111#*#*)

You can easily peep on your  HTC software version installed by the manufacturer when you dial the above code.

20. End Call/Power button action –( *#*#7594#*#*)

You might feel bored with your power button function and want to a sign a new task to it, by dialing this code, you will be able to change the power button function to another task of your choice

21. RAM version info – (*#*#3264#*#*)


Your RAM is an essential part of your HTC device, to check for its size, storage ability and many more details about your phone RAM this code is your best bet.

22. Wipe device data and install stock firmware – *2767*3855#

If you decide to change the manufacturer’s firmware of your HTC device, you will need to first erase it off, use this code to remove the pre installed firmware.

23. Battery Status – (*#0228#)

Testing your battery give you details about its performance, instead of visiting the settings section of your phone for battery status with this short code you will be able to view the status of the battery.


24. USB logging control – (*#872564#)

To have access to your HTC USB logging dial the above code,however you must be an expert before manipulating any option here

25. RF band selection – (*#2263#)

To check the radio frequency band selection you HTC device is connected to , you can easily find that using this code.

26. Data usage status – (*#3282*727336*#)

You are free to go through you your data usage on your Android HTC, failing the above code will show you the data statistics.

27. Reinstall the phone firmware – (*2767*3855#)

If you have installed a new custom firmware, you can reinstall the manufacturer firmware back using this code on your HTC device.

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