4 Ways Scammers Get Your BVN, and DOB to Withdraw Money from Your Bank Account, Beware

4 Ways Scammers Get Your BVN and DOB to Withdraw Money from Your Bank Account, Beware

The Bank Verification Number(BVN) is one of the most important detail possessed by a person with a bank account. It is an eleven-digit code which is used to identify every customer across the Nigerian banking industry using biometric details. This private number and the DOB (Date of birth) is being used by scammers to withdraw money from unsuspecting people’s bank accounts. That is why the warning is always being passed round concerning the security you as a bank account holder should place on your BVN.

Scammers are now so advanced that sometimes all they need is the BVN and DOB to carry out their evil act of illegally withdrawing money from people’s account.

Here are 4 ways these scammers and hackers obtain a person’s DOB and BVN to take money from the person’s account.

1One of the ways these scammers use in getting the BNV and DOB of people is through the slips disposed by people in the bank. There are people who fill in most of their information, BVN and DOB inclusive and because of a little mistake they squeeze the slip that already contains their personal information and throw it in a bin. Some people might even be careless to leave the slip where they filled it, and pick a new one. These scammers can go there and pick some slips from the bin and with the details already filled in the slip they can make a withdrawal from their victim’s account.

2Beware of the site you log in to and fill in your personal information. Some of these sites are unauthorized. You may be seeking a loan and you would need to fill in your bank information on the website. They can obtain your BVN and DOB from this kind of site. Beware of sites that do not have the “S” included at the back of the “http://”. Safe sites start with https://. Note that there is an “S” after the http, and this S at the end of the http stands for security.

3Another way scammers use to get the BVN and DOB from a person to withdraw his/her money is through contacting the person. They would call you acting like they work with your bank. They would then inform you that there is a challenge with your account, and they would help you fix it when you send your details which includes your BVN and DOB. If you ever experience this kind of situation all you have to do is to confirm first from your bank by calling the customer care line, you can also go over to the bank to confirm yourself.

4Another way scammers can get your BVN and DOB is through your lost phone. That is why it is advisable to inform your bank immediately you lost your phone that contains the sim you used in opening your bank account.

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