5 best programs to recover deleted files

We live in a digitized world that is expanding more and more, for this reason we must store our files on secure storage devices. Also, sometimes we delete certain files that we should not, so we must resort to a program to be able to recover it. In this post you will know the 5 best programs to recover deleted files.

There is a large number of file recovery software for both hard disk and storage devices. We have chosen the ones that we consider the best and we will mention them below.

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  • Programs to recover deleted files
    • Disk Drill
    • Programs to recover deleted files: Recuva
    • Easeus Data
    • Recoverit
    • PC Inspector File Recovery

Programs to recover deleted files

1. Disk Drill

The first of these programs is Disk Drill created by Cleverfiles, it is a free data recovery software (up to 500MB) and is used to scan both internal and external devices and works with FAT32, EXT, HFS + and NTFS file systems .

By performing a deep and fast scan, the program manages to recognize up to 350 types of files, performing a deep and fast scan. Also, this useful tool has the following important features:

  • The Recovery Vault, which inserts a layer to the Recycle Bin and stores the reference of all the files that have been deleted.
  • The Guaranteed Recovery saves a copy of each file in a previously selected folder.
  • It creates image files in iso , img or dmg format , so Disk Drill will be able to search for data from a clone.

Download | Disk Drill

2. Programs to recover deleted files: Recuva

The software was created by the Piriform company and is 100% free, it is responsible for recovering files that have been permanently deleted from devices such as: computers, smartphones, pen drives, tables, etc., and also have been marked by the operating system as free spaces. Its features include:

  • It is free software.
  • It works on hard drives, memory cards, USB flash drives, MP3 players, and other storage devices (FAT and NTFS).
  • It works under the architecture of 32 and 64 bits.
  • It is available in portable and installable versions.
  • It works like a Freemium , which means that its functionalities are better when a paid license is purchased.

Download | Recuva

3. Easeus Data

The Easeus Data program applies three steps to file recovery:

  1. Select the type of data.
  2. Then choose where it is located.
  3. Preview and recover the data.

Among its features are:

  • It has a free version that allows you to recover data up to 2 Gb.
  • In addition, the company has more than 12 years of solid experience in file recovery.

Download | Easeus Data

4. Recoverit

The Recoverit tool is used for file recovery on devices such as smartphones, camera, hard drive, memory card, and tables. Among its most outstanding features are:

  • File recovery by mistake, formatting or malware attacks.
  • It has an option for deep and complete recovery of the device.
  • Its steps are simple to apply:
  • Choose recovery mode (Recycle Bin, deleted files, formatted disk, virus attack or damaged system).
  • Select the drive or disk where you are going to recover the files.
  • When performing the disk scan, with the preview you can see the files you want to recover.

Download | Recoverit

5. PC Inspector File Recovery

The PC Inspector File Recovery is one of the programs most popular file recovery. Although it does not have a very friendly interface compared to other programs, it recovers files efficiently. Among its features are:

  • Works with FAT 12/16/32 file systems and
  • Recovers files on a large number of devices such as: memory cards, hard drives, pen drives, other USB devices.
  • It has an advanced search mode for more complex cases.
  • It also performs the recovery of files with their original attributes and information.
  • Recovers a large number of formats: .cdr, .doc, .dxf, .dbf, .xls, .exe, .gif, .hlp, .arj, .avi, .bmp, .mid, .mov, .mp3, .html , .htm, .jpg, .lzh, .pdf, .png, .rtf, .tar, .tif, .wav, and .zip.

Download |  PC Inspector File Recovery

These file recovery programs are very useful because sometimes we accidentally delete files and don’t know how to get them back; or when we delete them we regret doing so late. You can take advantage of them in their free version and see how it works, in the end if you are satisfied with what it offers you will be able to acquire a license to expand its functionalities.

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