7 best Offline Television Applications, to watch TV without quota!

7 best Offline Television Applications, to watch TV without quota!

7 best Offline Television Applications, to watch TV without quota!

Now watching TV can be done on an Android smartphone without the hassle!

Watching TV is one way to get rid of boredom, especially if there is a film or our favorite television show. Then what if you want to watch TV on a smartphone without an internet connection? Is it possible? Of course!To enjoy television broadcasts on Android without an internet connection, of course, you need a Mobile TV Tunner device. Mobile TV Tunner itself functions as a substitute for an antenna that is useful for receiving broadcasts.

Offline Television Application

Offline watch TV on a smartphone, you need a Mobile TV Tunner device then download the offline television application. TechLector recommends 10 of the best offline television applications that can make you watch TV broadcasts anytime and anywhere.

iDTV Mobile TV

First, there is iDTV Mobile TV, which is made by JerryChen. iDTV Mobile TV has good quality in watching TV without an internet connection.

You can easily receive local TV broadcasts with good graphic quality. Like other broadcast TV applications without an internet connection, iDTV Mobile TV requires a Mobile TV Tunner as a substitute for an antenna that functions to receive broadcasts.

It should be noted, you must use a smartphone with Android OS version 4.0.3, or higher and have an Android Dual-Core processor or higher to be able to use iDTV Mobile TV.

Download the application here.


The next offline television application is PadTV HD, which can make you enjoy television broadcasts without using an internet connection. There are also various pretty good and complete features of this application.

Users can watch local television broadcasts easily, anytime, and anywhere. This application has the advantage of recording current broadcasts and storing them on a mobile device.

What must be noted to use this application is, your Android smartphone must have a minimum Dual-Core processor of 1 GHz or higher, Android OS 4.1 or higher.

This app is also compatible with TV Tuner. Cool, right?

Download the application here.


Furthermore, there is Air DTV, which is of quite good quality in carrying out television broadcast activities. You can enjoy many channels that you can choose and scan.

The cool thing is that this application supports recording features, HD support (must be Quad-Core), subtitles, and other cool features.

But you have to use the Mobile TV Tunner for this application to work. So if you want to enjoy television broadcasts anytime and anywhere without an internet connection, use the Air DTV application.

Download the application here.

DTV Viewer

Another application that you can rely on to enjoy TV broadcasts without the internet is DTV Viewer. This digital TV application made by Geniatech DTV Box is quite interesting because you can enjoy TV broadcasts with two Android devices simultaneously through the DTV player function.

But only connected devices can change the DTV frequency channel.

Download the application here.


TDT HD TV allows users to freely enjoy TV broadcasts (free to air) without connecting a 3G / 4G internet connection. This application also has advanced features that may not be available in other applications.

Various cool features that can be enjoyed include saving of recorded shows, video recorder, EPG view to check TV program guides, and much more.

But to use it, your Android smartphone must be equipped with a minimum of 1 GHz Dual Core processor or higher for optimal performance when enjoying broadcasts. Meanwhile, the operating system must be 4.1 and above.

Download the application here.


Next is WiTV, a portable tuner application that allows you to watch broadcasts without using a 3G or 4G LTE connection. Various high-quality TV broadcasts are available in this application and will send a WiFi signal to the tuner device.

Download the application here.

HomeFree TV

Finally, there is the HomeFree TV application, which has been downloaded by more than 500 thousand Android users. This proves that this application has good quality because many users trust it.

HomeFree TV is specially designed for Android users who have an AVerMedia Tuner device. The available features allow you to enjoy TV shows with MPEG-2 & H.264 support.

Apart from that, the advantages made by Avermedia are the user interface that is easy to use and flexible.

Download the application here.

Those are 7 offline television applications that allow you to watch TV anywhere and anytime. Each application has a variety of features that can be adjusted according to the convenience of its users. Interested in downloading it?

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