Android Oreo! Unbelievable Facts, Features and How To Download

Android Oreo

Android Oreo

Technology is advancing rapidly; it’s no news that every year something new is released. There was a time when we had to write letters to family and friends that stays far away from us, but with technology we no longer need to stress ourselves as we can now communicate with family and friends who are far away from us using a mobile phone device.

Over the years, mobile phone device has experienced series of updates and improvements in their operating system.

This are very much welcomed development as the need for more improvement always arises.

In a bid to make life easier, the Android Oreo also known as Android 8 was released. The Android Oreo was first released as an alpha quality developer in March 2017 but was later released officially to the public on August 2017.

The Android Oreo code named “Android O” is the 15th version of Android operating system.

This operating system offers more and better features than its predecessor. The Android Oreo features battery usage optimization, Bluetooth improvement, improved performance, project treble, enhanced encryption and more. The Android Oreo is also accompanied by the Android Go platform.

Android Go is a software distribution of the operating system for low end device; the operating system also comes with support for implementing hardware abstraction layer.

The Android Oreo is now available in many android device some of which are Pixel XL, Nexus 5x, Pixel c etc and will soon be update In phones like Huawei, Nokia, HTC, LG, Samsung and Motorola.

Android 8.0 Oreo was updated to 8.1, although there were no much added features. One of the updates made is the addition of a battery indicator for Bluetooth device. Another change made, although insignificant is allowing the app make a notification sound only once per second.

UI or user interface also experience some little changes, whenever you change your display to darker wallpaper, the quick setting menu will change to darker grey. The quick menu setting has also become semi-transparent, so you can see what is behind it.

Android Oreo

The Android Oreo also comes with an Easter egg which can be accessed by going to about phone and tapping the android version seven times. This displays an Oreo cookie instead of the previous Android O orange icon.

Another interesting thing about this update is that the pixel visual core system (image processor) on chip is activated. This SoC is effective and make image processing smoother and faster.

Features of Android Oreo

System UI tuner

Android Oreo comes with new features and modifies or improves some of its previous features. The Android Oreo now comes with a hidden menu in the systems UI runner. This menu gives you control over your phone’s Appearance that is your lock screen short cuts.

You can enable this system UI by long pressing the settings cog icon. You can also add custom short cuts to chrome tabs and apps to the left and right hand side of your phone lock screen.

Quality Bluetooth audio

We are all familiar with fact that most android device comes with wireless Bluetooth headphones, earbuds and speakers. However, the Android Oreo comes with more improved audio which supports Sony LDAC wireless codec. This wireless codec can stream audio at about three times the speed of a standard Bluetooth (990 kpbd)

The Android Oreo also feature an Aptx Bluetooth, this Bluetooth is a low latency Bluetooth streaming format. The Aptx is hardware dependent and a number of new phones that runs on Qualcomm snapdragon processor processors support it.

Improved battery life and performance

Managing your Smartphone Battery on Android Oreo 8.0+

The Android Oreo improves battery optimization and speeds up boot time; this is to allow you get more life out of your battery with better efficiency. Google claims that the Android Oreo startup is twice as fast as Android nougat;

This means phones that features the Android Oreo will have faster start up than phones that come with Android nougat.

The wise limit is a brilliant innovation as it boosts battery life by imposing limits on power draining tasks. The wise limit uses two techniques to achieve this, the execution limits and location limit.

Execution limits restricts apps that are idle from utilizing the battery while the location limits prevents apps from excessively querying your phone location service.

Oreo also features a new battery setting menu that gives you control over power hungry apps. This setting allows you view the power drain and the total amount of time you have used it.

You can also check each app to see the amount of battery they consume.

Project treble

The project treble is a re-engineered update that allows phone manufacturers modify android independent of the specific low level firmware maintained by chip makers from the broader android code base.

silicon manufacturers

Before now, Google modifies it’s android by silicon manufacturers. These silicon manufacturers had to pass the modified updates to device makers.

The project treble tangents this process with a vendor interface (VI); this VI sits between android’s core operating system and manufacturers’ specific customization.

Wi-Fi awareness features

Although this particular feature is not new as most operating system comes with it. If you are the type that takes delight in connect to public or free WiFi that you might find this feature pretty interesting.

Android Oreo Wi-Fi awareness feature recognizes that another android device has a connection and will create an ad hoc WiFi network on your device.

The feature allows your device connect with another android device that does not use the same data carrier as yours.

Google Play Protect

The Google play protects is featured in android Oreo and goes alone way for your privacy. The Google play protect scans and checks every app you install from Google play and third party stores for viruses.

Google play protects is very reliable and it continuously the phone to check if they are any threat and fixes it.

The find my device and safe browsing mode are also features of the Google protect that rings or lock your phone remotely while the save browsing mode in chrome alerts you to websites infected with malware.

Google was never big on privacy policies as people access it freely with no restrictions. However, aside from the aforementioned, the android Oreo comes with other features that secure your privacy.

Turning android developer menu now requires a PIN or pass code, if you want to enable it, you are required to go to settings, then tap about phone and tap in the build number continuously.

Another interesting thing about this move to protect users’ privacy is that apps can no longer take over your phone’s lock screen without permission.

They also cannot use admin permission to prevent you from changing your password. There is more! Developers can no longer use the unique software identifier (Android ID) that finger prints individual devices to track users.

Notification channels

The notification channel on the Android Oreo is very organize and allows you get notification from apps. Now here is the deal, the android Oreo lets you choose whether or not a channel can buzz your phone or move to your notification, or even let you block all channels.

This will play a big role in combating notification spams.

How can you view an app channel? You can view an app channel by going to settings then tap apps and notification.

Five different alert options will pop,  this options includes no apps or visual interruption, show silently, make sound, make sound and pop on screen and let the app decide. So you can choose from the options the one that suits you.

The channels are treated base on urgency and Google calls this attention base sorting, it is divided into four;

Major: just like the name, they are notifications that need your immediate attention or high priority task. This can be turn by turn navigation and music control.

People to people: this includes alert from messaging apps like text messages or social network apps.

By the way: the name tells it all, they are less important notification that you can check when you are chanced.

General: The general are all other notification that does not fit into the aforementioned three categories. The general notification appears in one line text that says you have more notification.

Notification dot

iPhone or iPad users should be familiar with the notification dot, this dot is usually next to an app icon or folder. The notification dot includes number that informs you that you need to open the app and do something. For instance, there is a red dot with 4 next to Apple app icon; this is simply telling you that you need to update four apps in the store.

The notification dot is not new in android, the android Oreo allows you tap and hold the icon that contains the dot showing more information or performing more action.

Picture- in- picture mode

The picture in picture mode is huge; it allows you see two apps at once. You can watch videos in a popup window while still checking your social media messages, isn’t that awesome!

Malware protection


Most persons would  simply download this vital app to monitor some damaging activities that takes place on the phone and try to fix it.

It is heartening to know that you do not need to down load the malware protect if you are rolling with android Oreo as the app as the app has been pre-installed and you can check it anytime to know what malware has been tracking and destroying.

New camera app

The new camera all update allows you to zoom in by 50%. You can zoom in by double tapping the screen; you can also zoom out by double tapping again. The Oreo also features new icon next to the shutter button that makes it easy to switch between taking pictures and shooting videos.

Autofill and smart text selection

The Oreo autofill feature reduces the number of times you have to copy text from one app to another by remembering login and other form data. This new feature allows apps register as a system wide providers of autofill service. This is similar to selecting a keyboard; you can choose an app to keep track of your password,username and more.

There are Also improvements in text selection, the copy and paste menu that appears When you select text has icon next to actions like share and paste. The android Oreo also automatically recognizes names, addresses, phone number and URLs. For example, when you select a website link, you will see a menu shortcut to Google maps and when you select a phone number you get a link to the dialer.

Other Improvements and Updates in Android Oreo

Google Assistance

Google assistance

The android Oreo now gives developers the privileged to access Google assistance directly within the app.  This can be done by long- pressing the home button which is less stress full than going back to the home screen and then long pressing.

Add a ringtone

This new feature lets you add a custom ringtone using any sound of your choice by opening the list of ringtone within the setting apps and then tapping the add ringtone at the bottom of the list.

New emoji


Emoji lovers will find this interesting; Oreo redesigned 50 emojis and supports the entire catalog of emoji in the emoji 5.0 Unicode standard. This will be seen in device that supports android API level, although the some blob style emoji will still remain. There are also 70 new emojis which includes emoji with different skin tones and hairs and human emojis.

How to Install Android Oreo on Your Smartphone

How To Install Android OREO On Any Android Phones (No Root)

You can install Android Oreo through OTA (over the air) or by using the phones menu. The easiest way to install Android Oreo is over the air, if you are s pixel, nexus 5x or pixel c user, you will get notification  to upgrade to Android Oreo.

You will also get the same notification if you are enrolled in android beta program, so all you have to do is followed the prompt to install the update.

If you cannot wait for the notification to update the Android Oreo, you can download factory image from Google’s android developer page and install it manually.

The Oreo is said to be updated in other phone device like huawei, Nokia, HTC, LG, Samsung as Google will soon partner with this brands to make it possible.

android oreo

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