Android users: Enjoy Netflix’s ‘Play Something’ and ‘Fast Laughs’ features

Android users: Enjoy Netflix’s ‘Play Something’ and ‘Fast Laughs’ features

Android users: Enjoy Netflix’s ‘Play Something’ and ‘Fast Laughs’ featuresAndroid users: Enjoy Netflix’s ‘Play Something’ and ‘Fast Laughs’ features

Netflix, one of the most popular OTT platforms in the world, is expanding its Android app with new features. The ‘Play Something’ feature has been in beta testing since earlier this year, and it will soon be available to Netflix Android viewers. Users who don’t have a specific preference or want to watch something new will benefit from the feature, which plays content based on a user’s viewing history.

The new feature is similar to how other multimedia streaming services execute the famous shuffle feature. The Play Something feature was previously only available to Netflix users who were watching video on their computers. On October 4, 2021, the feature was made available to Android users. It is, however, not currently accessible for iOS devices. Netflix will be testing the shuffle function for iOS in the next months, according to The Verge.

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Netflix is introducing a new option dubbed ‘Fast Laughs,’ which will complement the Play Something feature. This feature was previously only accessible on iOS devices. Fast Laughs premiered on October 4, 2021, and will feature hilarious snippets from popular Netflix shows and films. Instagram reels and TikTok’s short video format content are extremely similar.

Netflix also mentioned that the ‘Download for You’ feature will be coming to iOS in the coming month. This feature was previously exclusively available to Android users. The tool is optional and automatically downloads and stores content depending on users’ viewing habits. People who have restricted internet connectivity at public cafés or businesses and want to watch video at home would profit from this feature.

Mike Verdu, a former executive of Electronic Arts and Facebook, was hired by Netflix as the Vice President of its Game Development division in July 2021. Netflix is planning to enter the video game business next year, according to a Bloomberg report. Netflix now operates on a subscription-based approach, in which customers pay a monthly fee to watch content across various devices. According to the source, Netflix may introduce gaming services as a different programming genre and keep them free at first.

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