How to Install Best Anti AdBlock Script in Blogger Template

How to Install Best Anti AdBlock Script in Blogger Template

How to Install Best Anti AdBlock Script in Blogger TemplateHow to Install Best Anti AdBlock Script in Blogger Template


In which template the ad-blocker works perfectly?

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What is AdBlock?

Actually, adblockers don’t block ads – they block the web requests which are loaded in your web browser. In other words, adblockers stop advertisements from loading on your browser, allowing web pages to load faster and offering a better browsing experience.

Here’s a short definition: AdBlockers are software’s (like plugins or browser extensions) that remove or alter web page advertising content.

A number of these applications replace that advertisement content with something else. Others don’t replace it with anything, leaving holes or broken links where the advertisements would’ve been.

What do adblockers block? The specific content that is blocked varies from app to app. Some of them are intended to wipe out all advertising on a webpage.

Others explicitly stop things that could think twice about users’ security, including the following codes that furnish advertisers with data about users’ interaction on the page. Right now, adblockers target the most “annoying” types of ads like pop-ups.

The Pros and Cons of Ad Blocking

Impeding advertisements, tracking codes, and other third-party scripts benefit users by increasing their page insight, further improving battery life, and protecting their privacy. Not to mention, you already know, eliminating the annoyance of interruptive ads.

At the same time, some argue they undermine the infrastructure of the web. All things considered, advertisements are the way a great deal of free substance on the web is monetarily upheld.

At the point when a product is free, you are the product. Your consideration is the thing that’s being purchased and sold.

A large number of the most famous devices advertisers use to quantify and examine guests’ exercises on their sites – and further develop client encounters – might be influenced.

Luckily, there are approaches to make content on the web that aren’t influenced by adblockers.

It’s just a matter of understanding what they are and how they might affect your website and then prioritizing strategies that aren’t affected.

How do Adblocker’s Work?

First, an individual downloads and runs an ad-blocking application formerly called an “adblocker“, whether a plugin or a browser extension or something else.

Then, that person opens their browser and visits a website. While that webpage is loading, the ad-blocking application that they downloaded takes a gander at the webpage.

Then, its scripts and analyzes them against a list of locations and scripts built to block. If it finds any, it stops them.

How do you know that your blog is affected by Adblockers?

Well, all blogs that rely on third-party advertisements like AdSense are already affected by adblockers.

To know how much your blog is concerned, you can compare your Google Analytics Pageviews and Google AdSense Pageviews. If you see a difference, you know it.

Adblocking software mainly affects blogs with technically knowledgeable perusers as the vast majority of them are brilliant and incline toward utilizing AdBlock software.

How does AdBlock affect Website Owners?

AdBlock tools lead to lost income for website owners. When a user with an AdBlock tool enabled visits a website, AdBlock prevents the website from loading ads.

This means the publisher is denied the chance to accumulate clicks or impressions that generate revenue. As a result, the website can’t generate any revenue from the ads from these visits.

Backup your Theme, so you can restore later if any problem occurs.

How to add this Anti-adblocker in your website


    • Go to blogger dashboard
    • Click on ‘theme’ section
    • Find </body> in template
    • Copy the below script code and paste in above the </body>



<b:if cond='data:view.isPost'><!--[ Anti Ad-Blocker Script by]--><style>
.antiMes{position:relative; padding:20px 20px 20px 50px; background:#e1f5fe;color:#01579b; font-size:.85rem;font-family:var(--fontB); line-height:1.6em;border-radius:10px;overflow:hidden} .antiMes:before{content:'';width:60px;height:60px;background:#01579b;display:block;border-radius:50%;position:absolute;top:-8px;left:-12px;opacity:.05} .antiMes:after{content:'\002A';position:absolute;left:18px;top:20px; font-size:22px; min-width:15px;text-align:center}.rtlMode .antiMes{padding:20px 50px 20px 20px} .rtlMode .antiMes:before{left:auto;right:-12px} .rtlMode .antiMes:after{left:auto;right:18px}</style><script>//<![CDATA[! function () {    function f() {   
     var a = document.getElementById("postBody");        a.innerHTML = "<p class='antiMes'><b style='display:block;'>Ad-Blocker Detected :(</b><br />Sorry, we detected that you have activated Ad-Blocker.<br /><br />Please consider supporting us by disabling your Ad-Blocker, it helps us in developing this Website.<br /><br />Please Disable your Ad-Blocker and Refresh the page to view the site content.<br />Thank you!</p><br /><a class="button" href="">ADBLOCK SCRIPT BY NAIJATECHNES.COM</a>";    }    var b = document.createElement("script");    b.type = "text/javascript";    b.async = !0;    b.src = "";    b.onerror = function () {        f();        window.adblock = !0    };    var e = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0];    e.parentNode.insertBefore(b, e)}(); //]]></script></b:if>


Click on save to save your theme

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