Apple: 100,000 apps are submitted to the App Store every week, and 150,000 were rejected last year

NTN news reported on September 24 that Apple has revised its official website and added a new section dedicated to introducing the App Store and its developer plan, and detailed statistics on the App Store, aiming to emphasize Apple’s claims The trustworthy security is the core of both.

“For more than ten years, the App Store has proven to be a safe and trustworthy place to discover and download applications,” Apple wrote on the new App Store page. “But the App Store is more than just a storefront. An innovative destination, focused on bringing you amazing experiences.”

The statistics provided by Apple include that more than 100,000 apps (or app updates) are submitted every week and reviewed by the app review team. Naija Tech News learned that the team now consists of more than 500 experts, who are distributed all over the world.

Apple said that last year the team rejected more than 150,000 apps that violated the company’s privacy guidelines . By 2020, more than 60 million user comments that they considered spam have been deleted.

Apple said it has rejected more than 1 million application submissions because of illegal, unsafe, harmful or offensive content, but Apple did not give a specific time frame.

Apple’s “Development for the App Store” page also revealed some data. First, it introduced that there are currently more than 28 million developers in the Apple Developer Program, and they are located in the “227 regions” described by Apple. Regions will include states and countries. Apple says that more than 50% of app downloads come from outside the developer’s country.

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