Apple car project: various design options are vans equipped with color TVs

Apple car project: various design options are vans equipped with color T

Mark Gurman, a well-known reporter from Bloomberg, disclosed more details of the “dead” Apple car project in the latest newsletter of the “Weekly Update” column PowerOn.

Gurman said that Apple’s initial goal is to achieve L5 level (complete) autonomous driving, with no steering wheel or pedals in the car, and an exterior design similar to a “futuristic” van-Canoo Lifestyle Vehicle . In terms of details, the Apple car has tinted dark black windows, a pure white exterior and white wheels with a black middle. The front and rear designs are exactly the same.

Note from IT Home: The picture below shows the Canoo Lifestyle Vehic mentioned by Gurman and is for reference only.

Apple car project: various design options are vans equipped with color T

In terms of interior, the car adopts a “simple” design style and is equipped with luxurious seats “that can be seen on private jets or limousines”. It can comfortably accommodate four people, and the seats can be switched between ordinary chairs and recliners. Comes with footrest.

In many designs of Apple cars, a giant TV is equipped in the center of the cabin for playing videos and handling FaceTime video calls . In another part of the plan, an iPad-sized display is suspended from the roof. In addition, Apple also designed a special air-conditioning system that pushes the air along the sides of the cabin instead of blowing towards the passengers’ faces.

Gurman said that the above solution is not the only idea for Apple’s car project. Former Apple chief design officer Jony Ive has designed two plans, one ” looks like a modern replica of the Volkswagen van from the 1950s ” and the second version is “almost identical” to the prototype of the Volkswagen ID.Buzz van . However, before Volkswagen officially announced ID.Buzz , Apple had already demonstrated this design plan inside the car.

Apple car project: various design options are vans equipped with color T

In Jony Ive’s design plan, the Apple car project uses a gull-wing door similar to the Tesla Model X. The body has obvious curvatures at the front and rear, and has two rotatable seats.

Comprehensive IT House previously reported that as early as 2021, people familiar with the matter claimed that Apple hopes to acquire Canoo in 2020. What mainly attracts Apple’s interest is Canoo’s scalable skateboard electric vehicle platform . However, because Canoo wanted more investment from Apple, the negotiations eventually broke down. In 2022, Bloomberg reported that Apple was once again considering acquiring Canoo to advance Apple’s car-building project.

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