Apple iPad version of Photoshop Express experience: automatic cutout god

Although Apple claims that the iPad Pro is a productivity tool, no matter in terms of hardware, or in terms of software, such as the function of the system itself, the scale of the App, and other software aspects, the productivity of the iPad is still different from the PC in terms of productivity. But this does not mean that the iPad is unbearable! Recently, Adobe has updated Photoshop Express on iOS, which is the short version of PS, a very heavy “automatic cutout” function, which is even more efficient than the full version of PS on PC! Let’s take a look.

PS Express can be downloaded for free from the App Store, and its use is also very simple, similar to the current ordinary P Picture App like Meitu XX. After opening PS Express, you can see a list of pictures and three tabs at the top of the interface. The three tabs are “Edit”, “Collage” and “MIX”. The auto cutout function is in “MIX”. Switch to the MIX tab and open the corresponding picture to proceed to the next step. We use a picture of Einstein to demonstrate.

PS Express interface, select the picture you want to cut out

On the page displayed by PS Express, you can see that there is a “cutout” option at the bottom. This time, the automatic cutout function of PS Express update is here.

Auto cutout options

From the actual use point of view, the automatic matting effect of PS Express is still quite good. PS Express’s automatic cutout is for characters, it will automatically recognize the characters in the picture, and then automatically complete the cutout. This automatic matting algorithm is quite bright, such as Einstein’s many hair details, can also be better preserved.

The visible effect is still good

After completing the cutout, PS Express has limited functions. If you want to edit further, you can log in to your Adobe account and send it to the desktop version of Photoshop.

You can directly send the cutout effect to the PC version of Photoshop

In general, compared with the traditional matting process of desktop PS, the new automatic matting of PS Express undoubtedly greatly improves efficiency. Of course, PS Express’s automatic cutout also has its limitations. For example, when the subject is more complicated, it may not be able to function.

In addition, although the automatic cutout of the iPad version of PS is amazing, it does not mean that using the iPad to cut out is necessarily more powerful than the PC. Not to mention that the PS cutout on the desktop PC has more room for manipulation. The PC version of the PS will soon release the latest version of 2021, which brings the AI ​​smart cutout function, and the effect is also leveraged. However, the current PS 2021 is still in the beta version. Let’s look forward to the official version together!

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