Apple Releases iOS 12.5.3 Update For Old iPhones

Apple Releases iOS 12.5.3 Update For Old iPhones

One of the major reason why most people that prefers using Apple‘s devices is regular updates. It’s even more interesting to see that old smartphones released as far back as 2014 still gets software updates. get some sort of support. It iis very uncommon to see such happening to old Android devices. Interestingly, Apple has given such old iPhone users something to smile about.

Apple Releases iOS 12.5.3 Update For Old iPhones

Earlier today, in addition to the official release of iOS 14.5.1 and iPadOS 14.5.1, Apple also released the official version of iOS 12.5.3 update. This update is suitable for old iPhone models that are not eligible to get the iOS 14 update.

Apple said that this update provides important security updates and is recommended for all users to install. The Apple iOS 12.5.3 security instructions show that this update also solves the problems of memory corruption and integer overflow in WebKit. This can be exploited by malicious web content. According to the company, there are reports of exploitation of this issue. Thus, it is recommending that users upgrades immediately.

iPhones That Gets iOS 12.5.3 update

This update is available for iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad Air, iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3, and the sixth-generation iPod touch. These devices no longer support iOS 13, thus, the best they can get is a higher version of iOS 12. Many of the devices on this update list are more than six years old.

Apple Releases iOS 12.5.3 Update For Old iPhones

How To Upgrade Your Old iPhone To iOS 12.5.3

1. iTunes upgrade: download the firmware, open the latest version of iTunes on the desktop, press “Shift + Update” at the same time. Select the firmware you want to flash, and leave the rest actions to Apple.

2. OTA: Users of the official version of the system can update directly via OTA However, users of the beta version need to manually delete the corresponding description files and restart the phone to receive the system update.

iOS 12.5.3: What’s New?

  • Addresses a buffer overflow issue and brings better memory handling.
  • Tackles a memory corruption issue and now has better state management.
  • It also addresses an integer overflow with input validation.
  • Also tackles a use after free issue and now has better memory management.

If you use any of the smartphones or tablets above, you may want to check for this update. You should receive the OTA notification for this update.

What’s Your Experience?

If you have been able to get the latest iOS 12.5.3 stable version, Is there any significant change in the user experience? Kindly share your thoughts or experience in the comment section below.



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