ARM co-founder created “Save ARM” website to oppose Nvidia’s acquisition

In order to oppose the acquisition of Nvidia, Arm co-founder Hermann Hauser created the “Save Arm” website.

Picture from the rescue Arm website

The website address is Hauser published an open letter to the British Prime Minister on the website and called on the British people to sign it.

In the letter, Hauser stated that selling Arm to Nvidia would undermine the foundation of Arm’s business model. Arm is like Switzerland in the semiconductor industry, cooperating with more than 500 customers through open licensing. Most of them are competitors of Nvidia, among them there are many British companies.

Hauser also mentioned that in the long run, this is related to the issue of national economic sovereignty. Arm is the only remaining British technology company with an important position, occupying a dominant position in the field of mobile phone microprocessors, with a market share of more than 95%.

Hauser said that almost all brands of smartphones in the world, such as Apple, Samsung, and Sony, use Arm chips, which is the advantage of the UK’s influence.

Hauser did not completely resist the acquisition. He gave three important and necessary preconditions for the completion of the transaction, and they must have legal effect.

1. Work security for British Arm employees who are legally bound;

Second, with legally binding agreements, NVIDIA shall not enjoy more preferential treatment than other Arm customers;

Third, the United Kingdom must obtain an exemption from the US OFAC (Office of Overseas Assets Control of the United States Department of the Treasury) regulations to ensure that British companies can use Arm’s microprocessor technology without restrictions.

Arm Company was founded in Cambridge, England, and mainly sells licenses for chip design technology. The microprocessor adopts the intellectual property rights of ARM technology, which is what we usually call the ARM microprocessor. SoftBank acquired Arm in 2016 for $32 billion.

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