Australian experts questioned Huawei’s 5G ban

News from the afternoon of August 31, Beijing time Rupert Taylor-Price, CEO of Vault Cloud, questioned the Australian government’s decision to exclude Huawei from bidding for 5G deployment in Australia.

He expressed this view on CRN’s Pipeline Reconnected 2020. In the panel discussion, he discussed with former Cisco Australia and New Zealand chief technology officer Kevin Bloch (Kevin Bloch) and former MYOB chief technology officer Simon Raik-Allen (Simon Raik-Allen) to discuss the main influences on the Australian channel Technology trends, how they will affect the economy and where are the opportunities for channel players.

“There is no public evidence that (Huawei’s) infrastructure has any technical loopholes or specific problems,” Taylor-Price said. He said that through cooperation with the intelligence community, he learned that many European and American suppliers have far more defects than their Chinese competitors .

“Obviously, from a technical point of view (Huawei) is far ahead, so we actually chose to slow down the country’s technological progress (by excluding Huawei from the Australian market).”

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