Battlefield 2042 Weapons Guide

Here’s a look at all the guns you can unlock in Battlefield 2042

In Battlefield 2042, players have a wide variety of weapons to choose from. Moreover, all barrels are fundamentally different from each other: even two pistols are absolutely not alike. And that’s not to mention the fact that you can customize the weapon for yourself using a variety of settings. We emphasize right away that in this guide we are not touching upon the weapons available in Portal mode. In fact, it differs significantly from the arsenal of the main modes in Battlefield 2042.

Pistols or auxiliary weapons

Each specialist can use any weapon that is unlocked on the account. This means that a sniper rifle can be used not only by a scout, but also by an attack aircraft or a support fighter. The same goes for the amount of equipment used: you have one slot for an auxiliary weapon (pistol) and one slot for the main one, from any category. Moreover, in some modes you can change equipment right after death, before re-landing, while in others the game assigns you only one specific ammunition setting, and you cannot change it.

As for the auxiliary weapon, then you have access to:

  • The G57 is a compact, lightweight and reliable Austrian pistol. Unlocked by default. Features: light, aggressive, minimum range
  • The MP-28 is an accurate and stable carbine. It will open at level 17. Features: precise, reduced range
  • M44 high power revolver – originally designed for hunting big game. Unlocks at Level 29. Features: manual recharge, high power.

Submachine guns

Belongs to the category of standard weapons. There are 4 PPs in total:

  • PBX-45 – uses a powerful 45 caliber round. Has a low recoil. Features: versatile, controlled, short range.
  • PP-29 – Unlocks at level 18. Used cartridges of 9 caliber. Features: large ammunition, reduced range.
  • MP9 – Unlocks at level 36. Compact 9-gauge submachine gun with reduced recoil. Features: controlled, lightweight.
  • K30 – Minimum recoil, directing the barrel down. Features: aggressive, maximum rate of fire, minimum range. Unlocks at Level 53

Assault weapon

  • M5A3 – Available by default. US standard rifle in use since 2034. Features: versatile, controlled, medium range.
  • AK-24 – Unlocks at level 11. It fires in three modes. A worthy replacement for the AK-47. Feature: high power, medium range.
  • SFAR-M GL – Unlocks at level 27. It is used in two firing modes and is loaded with 7.62 mm ammunition. Add the 40mm EGLM grenade launcher for one of the deadliest weapons in the game. Features: explosive, high power, heavy.
  • AC-42 – Unlocks at level 40. Features: burst fire, maximum rate of fire.

Light machine guns

  • LCMG is available by default. Features: continuous fire, versatile.
  • RKR-VR is a Russian machine gun that will become available at level 32. Features: aggressive, heavy, large ammunition.

Semi-automatic weapon

  • DM7 – Available by default. Low rate of fire with high accuracy. With a telescopic sight. Features: universal, increased range.
  • SVK— Unlocks at level 14. Effective over long distances. Features: heavy, high power, long range.
  • VCAR – Unlocks at level 47. Lightweight and compact carabiner with fitted silencer. Features: light, short range, accurate.

Sniper weapon

  • SWS-10 – Available by default. Finnish bolt action rifle. Features: versatile, high range.
  • DXR-1 – Unlocks at level 24. Compact and lightweight rifle that can fire up to 800 meters. Features: heavy, high power, extreme range.
  • NTW-50 – Unlocks at level 60. The latest weapon in the game. South African large-caliber rifle capable of killing targets up to 1500 meters away. Features: large-caliber, weight limit, explosives. May damage engines.

Versatile weapon

  • MCS-880 is a shotgun that unlocks at level 7. Very effective up close. Features: versatile, high power, reduced range.
  • Mad Pig 45-70 Marlin is a revolver with a sawn-off shotgun with a telescopic sight. Features: light, aggressive, precise. Unlocks at Level 21.
  • 12M Auto – Unlocks at level 44. Features: aggressive, automatic.

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