Best Arcade Games for Android (2024)

Gaming is significantly impacting entertainment. Now with our smartphones, gaming is on our palm from where we can play anytime, anywhere. We can even take the challenge to the best part of the world through online playing. Arcade games are of the good old games that existed when some didn’t even think a smartphone will eventually surface. But you can still enjoy those arcade games on your smartphone, and the Android operating system supports a plethora of them. Though you can’t have the same experience as it was in those days, you can have a feel of it on your Android device.

Best Arcade Games for Android

1. Asphalt 9: Legends

Asphalt 9: Legends is the latest amongst the series of the popular racing games. Its controls are simple, and graphics come out great. The gameplay has lots of story missions that you can complete, different cars that can be unlocked. Take your racing game to the web by playing in the competitive online PvP mode.  You can’t get bored and exhausted in this game quickly, and it always has something to glue you to your phone screen. The freemium contents are more exciting, and controls are better than what you get before.


2. Knight Brawl

Knight Brawl is a game that works as a side-on brawler where fighters jump around a place, with the intent of injuring each other with damaging weapons. But so that you don’t get immersed in blood, Knight Brawl moves to the absurdist side of the fighting scene – and he continues riding. You get a decent amount of fun from the game that works on any Android smartphone. It has depth, with a lot of modes and missions to undertake.



PAC-MAN is one of the oldest and is the first thing that comes to mind when we mention Arcade games. There are numerous versions this game has now to download. To get what it feels like when playing the old and real PAC-MAN, choose Bandai-Namco’s free app. To excel in the game, you have to eat all the fruits and pac-dots along the maze, but make sure the ghost doesn’t get you. The game offers the classic 8-bit arcade mode with original mazes shaped for mobile.


4. Crossy Road

This game is popular among Arcade game lovers. It is like the old day’s Frogger but as a modern version now. You play the game by getting your character to move across roads, train tracks, rivers, and other areas. Make sure you’re not crushed, trampled upon, or drowned. There are many characters that you can move around, and it features local and online multiplayer playing. Android TV is supported, and the game is freemium. For you to unlock players will involve you paying. It’s an excellent arcade choice overall.


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