best Dead by Daylight BUILDS for killers and survivors

These are the best builds you can build for your Dead by Daylight killers and survivors. Equip the skills, perks and items that we recommend and you will be unstoppable.


  1. Best builds for assassins
  2. Best builds for survivors

Dead by Daylight has a wide range of characters , objects , skills and more to customize our character as we like before each game. Of course, users are always looking for ways to create the best possible build for both assassins and survivors or the builds that best suit their style and approach to play.

For all this, next in this entry of our guide we want to show you which are the best builds of Dead by Daylight for the group of assassins and for the group of survivors .


Best builds for assassins

Here below we recommend up to 3 different builds for your assassins , depending on the style of play that you like the most or suits you:

Frenzy Killer and Controller Build

Many players when they choose to play on the side of the assassins what they want is to take an aggressive, frantic and unstoppable role . Becoming a real nightmare that the survivors can’t get rid of even for a second. In this sense, to create a build that enhances this style of play, without a doubt, one of our favorite choices is the one that revolves around the character of The Nurse (possibly the best assassin in the game, even today).

This build is built on the following 4 main skills :

Dazzled: Carrying a Survivor puts others in your Terror Radius into a Vulnerability state. The effect lasts 26/28/30 seconds in those that move away from your radius or remain in it when you hook or release the one you are carrying. Has a 60 second cooldown when you are no longer carrying a Survivor. This ability is teachable and is unlocked with The Betrayer at level 30.

Corrupt Intervention: The Entity blocks the 3 generators that are located furthest from you for 80/100/120 seconds at the start of the game. Survivors cannot repair these generators for the duration of the effect. Affected generators will light up with a white aura. This skill is teachable and is unlocked with The Scourge at level 30.

Pam, bang, bang: After hanging a Survivor on a hook, the next Generator you break will instantly roll back 1/2/3 of their total progression. After this damage is applied, the setback in generator repair will return to normal. It will be active for 30 seconds after hanging the survivor. This skill is teachable and is unlocked with The Clown at level 40.

Bloody Echo: Hanging a Survivor causes all injured Survivors to be affected by the Bleed status effect for full healing, and by the Exhaustion status effect for 45 seconds. It has a cooldown of 80/70/60 seconds. This ability is teachable and is unlocked with The Oni at level 35.

The great strengths of this construction is that, thanks to the power of the Nurse and the aforementioned advantages, the build is made to know at all times where the survivors are and to be able to approach them quickly , without hardly having time to react or fend.

During a good part of the initial game, the survivors will not be able to repair generators, and you will also have the advantage to chase them, knock them down and chain casualties. Many consider this build extremely proven and even “toxic”, because the harassment of the killer can be brutal. But if you have no mercy, you know what to do …

Unstoppable assassin build that exposes survivors

One of the best builds designed for assassins is this one that we recommend below. It is a construction that leaves all survivors exposed easily and with little effort on our part, so that you can go on the offensive without giving them a break.

Hex: Hope Eater: When a Survivor who is at least 24 meters away is freed from a hook, Hope Eater receives a Medal. This skill is teachable and is unlocked with The Witch at level 40.

  • 2 Medals:Gain 3/4/5% speed boost for 10 seconds after hanging a Survivor. The speed boost triggers 10 seconds after hanging a Survivor.
  • 3 Medals:Survivors suffer the vulnerable status effect.
  • 5 Medals:Grants the ability to kill survivors with your bare hands.

Make a Decision: When a Survivor rescues another from a hook at least 32 meters away from you, Make a Decision causes the Survivor to scream and apply the Vulnerability Status effect for 40/50/60 seconds. It has a cooldown time of 40/50/60 seconds. This skill is teachable and is unlocked with La Cerda at level 40.

Iron Maiden: Open lockers 30/40/50% faster. When a Survivor exits a locker, they are affected by the vulnerability status effect for 15 seconds and reveal their location for 4 seconds. This ability is teachable and is unlocked with The Legion at level 40.

Dragon’s Grip: After hitting a generator, the first survivor to interact with it for the next 30 seconds will scream, reveal their location for 4 seconds, and suffer the Vulnerability status effect for 60 seconds. It has a reload time of 120/100/80 seconds. This skill is teachable and is unlocked with Impairment at level 30.

As you can already guess, thanks to this build the survivors will be exposed again and again as the game progresses normally. Eventually they will become confused and weakened and will be at your mercy. Also, on a plus point, it is a build that can be adapted to many assassins . For example it works quite well with The Nightmare , The Doctor , The Pig , The Clown and more. Don’t be afraid to experiment.

Assassin build to earn blood points

The murderers are the characters that blood spots can make you earn per game, why this other article of our guide you will find a highly recommended build to farm points blood , something that you might want to do if you spend many hours of game Dead by Daylight.

We already anticipated that the build is focused on the skills Barbecue and chili, Restlessness, Hex: The thrill of the hunt and Beast of prey.

Best builds for survivors

Here below we recommend up to 3 different builds for your survivors , depending on the style of play that you like the most or suits you:

Curator and Support Survivor Build

One of the best ways to approach each game as a survivor is to work as a team and support each other, not in vain, the survivors are the only characters who cooperate with each other while the killer is chasing them. If you like the idea of healing your teammates and being the “support” character of the game, then the following 4 skills are the best option for you:

Borrowed Time: For the next 15 seconds to rescue a Survivor on a grapple within the killer’s Terror Radius, the Survivor will have the Resistance status effect applied. Any hits he takes during that time will give him the Deep Wound status effect instead of leaving him agonizing. The survivor will have 10/15/20 seconds to heal. If he takes any damage in the meantime, or if the Deep Wound timer reaches zero, he will be in a dying state. This skill is teachable and is unlocked with William “Bill” Overbeck at level 35.

Prove Your Worth: For every other survivor working on a generator within 4 meters, you receive a 15% repair speed bonus. The same bonus also applies to other survivors within that range. You get 50/75/100% more blood points for cooperative actions. Survivors can only receive one effect from this ability at a time. This skill is teachable and is unlocked with Dwight Fairfield at level 35.

Botanical Knowledge: Healing speed and efficiency of healing items increased by 11/22/33%. This skill is teachable and is unlocked with Claudette Morel at level 35.

For the rest: It is only active while you have maximum health. Press the Active Skill button while healing another Survivor without a Medkit to heal them from dying to wounded or wounded to unharmed. In return, you are injured and suffer the Hopelessness status effect for 110/100/90 seconds. You become the obsession. Equipping this skill reduces the chances that you will become the obsession at the start of the game. This ability is teachable and is unlocked with Zarina Kassir at level 40.

With these advantages you can make life easier for your colleagues. Also, to finish rounding up the build, don’t forget to equip a first aid kit as the main object ( ideally the Ranger Medic Kit ), as it will be essential to quickly heal the wounded. Although you can also choose to equip a map if you want to focus on revealing auras to your friends.

Aggressive Survivor Build

Being a survivor does not mean that you are always helpless. There are a few ways to “fight” assassins head-to-head, although of course this is intended for aggressive and frenetic gameplay where all the risks you take are rewarded. The more restless players may appreciate this approach to the game that, however, also contributes a lot to entertaining the murderer or hindering him while the rest of his teammates are fulfilling objectives.

If you want to play aggressive game as a survivor, consider equipping these 4 skills :

Swaddler: Activatable skill. While running you can propel yourself forward. During said impulse you are invulnerable to damage. Causes the depleted status effect for 60/50/40 seconds. You do not recover from the exhaustion state while running. This skill is teachable and is unlocked with David King at level 35.

Explosive Mine: Activates after completing a total of 66% as Generator Repair Progress. After repairing a generator for a minimum of 3 seconds, press the skill button to set a trap that remains active for 35/40/45 seconds. Affected generators will show survivors with a yellow aura. Only one trap can be activated on a generator. When the killer kicks a trap generator, it explodes, stunning and blinding those nearby. Explosive Mine will then be deactivated. This ability is teachable and is unlocked with Jill Valentine at level 40.

Crushing Success: After stunning the assassin with a pallet, sprint with 150% of your normal ability when sprinting for 4 seconds. Causes the Exhaustion status effect for 60/50/40 seconds. This ability cannot be used with Exhaustion. This skill is teachable and is unlocked with Yun-Jin Lee at level 35.

Decisive Strike: After someone disengages you or you disengage yourself, Decisive Strike will activate and you can use it for 40/50/60 seconds. If the assassin catches you for the duration of the effect, you will perform a skill check to automatically escape his grip and stun him for 5 seconds. After that, the ability will be deactivated regardless of whether or not you succeeded in your attempt. If you succeed, you will become the obsession. This ability is teachable and is unlocked with Laurie Strode at level 40.

For this build it is highly recommended to equip the Use Flashlight as an object , or any other flashlight failing that, since this way you will have more ways to stun the murderer and leave him out of the game for little moments.

Stealth and Lonely Survivor Build

One more approach that is quite common in the group of survivors is players who want to make as little noise as possible , remain inconspicuous, and work on their goals without the need for help from others. For these users we have in mind a build that enhances various forms of evasion and stealth in the game, keep in mind the following 4 skills:

Urban Evasion: Movement speed while crouching is increased by 90/95/100%. This skill is teachable and is unlocked with Nea Karlsson at level 35.

Self Heal: Allows you to heal without healing items at 50% normal speed. Increases the efficiency of healing items by 10/15/20%. This skill is teachable and is unlocked with Claudette Morel at level 40.

Iron Will: Grunts caused by wounds are reduced by 50/75/100%. This skill is teachable and is unlocked with Jake Park at level 30.

Chills: You receive a warning when the killer looks in your direction within a radius of 36 meters. While Chills is active, the chance of skill checks being spawned is increased by 10%, and the size of its hit areas is reduced by 10%. While Chills is active, repair, heal, sabotage, disengage, jump, purify, search, and exit door opening speeds are increased by 2/4/6%. This ability is available to all survivors.

Depending on how you are going to act in the game, it will be more rewarding to carry one or the other objects. For example, a good recommendation is to use the Engineer’s Toolbox if you want to focus on repairing generators quickly and without attracting attention. You might also consider bringing a Master Key if you want to flee the game quickly or a Rainbow Map if you need to reveal auras around you. However, if you are not very good at dodging the murderer, equip yourself with a first aid kit so as not to have a bad time.

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