Best Fighting Games for Android – Best Android Fighting Games (2024)

Best Fighting Games for Android - Best Android Fighting Games (2020)
Best Fighting Games for Android - Best Android Fighting Games (2020)

Best Fighting Games to Play on Your Android Smartphone in (2020)

Tekken, Mortal Kombat, Street Fight, on the console or on PC, we like these games which rocked our childhood and which continue to be improved. But fighting games are not only available on these media. Play Store and many other Android game libraries are also stocked with them. After testing many games, we list the 9 best Android Fighting Games in (2020). This catalog combines the greatest classics of combat video games and a few rare gems.

Best Android Fighting Games in 2021



Work of Warner Bros. Mortal Kombat offers us its tenth installment on Android after its many PC, console, and iOS versions. In the mobile version of the game, the gameplay has been greatly simplified in order to adapt to the support. You have the ability to control three fighters and choose to bring in whoever you want and when you want.

The story mode is arguably the most interesting. Indeed, even if the scenario remains limited, this model offers you the possibility of improving your team. Regarding the graphics, the game is successful. You almost imagine yourself playing a game of the PSvita.


After the crowned success of Tekken 7 on consoles, Bandai Namco also offers a mobile version of TEKKEN. The title benefits from a more or less scalable Gameplay on mobile interfaces. It puts forward a card system like in Yugioh. These cards correspond to actions in play.

This system facilitates actions without however guaranteeing a perfect combat strategy. All the flagship fighters of the license are included. For your information, the publisher is used to organizing events within the application in order to keep players in suspense.


It was he who considerably revolutionized fighting games on game consoles. It is now possible to play it on mobile in its Champion Edition version. This version makes the gameplay a little easier thanks to its 4 unique attack keys: punch, kick, special move, and focus. The mobile version includes of course all 32 fighters.

In addition, the street fighter iv champion edition is compatible with a variety of Bluetooth controllers. The download is free, but it does not allow full access to the content. A slight expense is required to fully enjoy the game.


This is the third installment of the game developed by NEKKI, Shadow Fight. From its first installment, the game had been very successful with more than 40 million players. This new title offers you an immersion in rhythmic and very intuitive martial arts fights. The graphic design is very neat.

During the game, you play as shadows of intimidating warriors on a journey to several different worlds. The scenario is rather catchy and captivating. As the fights take place, you will be able to customize and evolve your characters.


A-game straight out of NetherRealm’s graphic know-how, Injustice 2 is now available on mobile. In this version, you have the possibility to create a team of DC Comics fighters. Unlikely alliances like Superman, the Joker, and green lantern can thus form. Their goal will be to go to the assault in many parallel universes where there are merciless battles.

This version of INJUSTICE 2 benefits from fairly clean graphics. In addition, it offers you the possibility of unlocking arsenals that can be used in the console version.


The famous designer of video games FIFA has been offering a very interesting simulation of UFC fights on mobiles for a long time. Indeed, the EA Sports UFC game offers a very immersion as well as impactful actions. Two fighters locked in an octagonal ring confront each other until the resignation of one of them or the appearance of KO.

There are 70 challengers and four different categories that you can improve on. Do not hesitate to embark on fights rich in very realistic testosterones with a perfect adaptation to mobile platforms.


Basically, this fighting video game was designed by stars from the competitive world of Marvel VS Capcom 2. This achievement amazed more than one since it turned out to be a major fighting game, fulfilling the greatest wishes of players. Finally available on mobile, you can easily appreciate the greatest qualities of the game. 2D images benefiting from magnificent animation, colorful characters, and gameplay with a thousand and one possibilities. You will be able to create a team of up to three fighters. You will then have to make them gain in power even more and more intense fights.


The King of Fighters makes us happy to be now available on the Play Store in its most beautiful part. This version is the result of a compilation of the first four parts integrating more than 38 characters. While playing, you have the possibility to operate direct battles with your friends.

Porting allows a variety of very interesting game modes. These include the “Extra” and “Training” modes. You will be able to link a Bluetooth controller for an even better gaming experience. This is also the best way to play it, and we recommend you there.


Since its release, the Marvel Tournament of Champions has become one of the most beautiful fighting games for mobile. This one offers dynamic gameplay with more than twenty Marvel superheroes. Hulk, Spider-Man, Iron Man, or even Wolverine, they are all there. It’s up to you to play as your favorite character and engage in shattering battles.

The actions are fairly straightforward, but they require a minimum of strategy and pace. In the event that you are a fan of the MARVEL comics, you are bound to love this game. However, the business model is a bit questionable.

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