Best Football Streaming Apps for Android Download

In this article on Naijatechnews are some of the best football streaming apps for Android mobile devices. If you want to start watching soccer on the go then keep reading to see their download links.

Football is definitely the most popular sport in the world. The love for football in Nigeria is even more intense as one visit to a football viewing centre will confirm this.

In fact, a lot of Nigerians are loyal fans of one football team or the other. Only the very few take interest in other sports like basketball while the seemingly ridiculous people like me have no love for any sport.

Despite the fact that I rarely engage in any sports activity, there are times I take my time off with friends to go watch football matches at a viewing centre though mostly not because of the matches but the fun, passion, and sense of kindred spirit that the fans of a particular team show each other. I must not forget the amusement I get from the taunting remarks that the supporters of the different teams playing throw at each other.

Now, the world is developing and technology is taking us to a greater level. If the noise and the stress of having to leave the comfort of your home or workplace for a viewing centre are too much… or maybe you are the only sports lover in the family and everybody else wants to watch something else (a movie maybe) instead of the football match you are dying to watch?

Why don’t you just pick up your smartphone and get any of these football streaming apps on it so you can watch your favourite sport without any trouble?.

Listed below are some of the highly-rated applications for not just football but sport streaming in general.

4 Best Football Streaming Apps For Android

1. Mobdro Tv

Best Football Streaming Apps for Android DownloadMobdro is a great app popularly used for streaming videos including sports videos. It allows you to search and bookmark your favourite sports videos.

Bookmarking will make it easy to get back in tune with your favourite video after many hours or days. The app is a fantastic app that is free for download on Windows PC, Mac, and Android devices.

The database of the Mobdro Tv free sport is so large you get to save more than enough video content. To get the Mobdro app on your Android device, click the download link below as Mobdro is currently not available in Play Store.

2. 365 Scores

Best Football Streaming Apps for Android DownloadWith this app, you can catch every single goal within five minutes of when it was actually scored live.

365 Scores app has a lot of content related not only to football but other popular sports like Basketball, Tennis and fresh highlights on other sports events. The app is user-friendly and gives users live notifications on details of new videos, highlights, and tournament activities.

You can assemble all your favourite sports channels and set up a custom notification for them. This app is particularly known for worldwide coverage and continuously updated football news and fixtures.

Best Football Streaming Apps for Android Download
Developer: 365Scores LTD

Price: Free+

3. DSTV Now

Best Football Streaming Apps for Android DownloadThis app is your gateway to enjoying the best entertainment services on your mobile anywhere, anytime.

You can catch up on your favourite movie series and sports by streaming live. If you like it offline, then you can download videos to watch later.

The premium subscribers have additional advantages of downloading more than 20 videos to watch offline on 4 different devices. There is also this PIN controlled access for kids that allows them to watch movies and content in a regulated and safe environment.

Best Football Streaming Apps for Android Download

Price: Free


Best Football Streaming Apps for Android DownloadIn the world of sport, when it comes to broadcasting, ESPN is an acknowledged champion. They serve around 100 million viewers in the United States alone, not to talk of other countries. And with every passing day, the value is going higher.

It has many stable channels including ESPN Classic, ESPN, ESPN2. With 24 hours active service, the company is currently the leading sports broadcaster in providing reliable information about a wide variety of sports news, events, and other analysis.

You can get the ESPN mobile app for Android from Google Play Store.

Best Football Streaming Apps for Android Download
Developer: Disney

Price: Free+


So that’s it, get any of these applications to stay updated about your favourite sport and take your football passion to a new level.

But wait… are there other really nice football streaming apps you have used on your Android device? I’d like to know if they are worth a mention in my list.


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