Best Guide: How to Edit Photos and Videos on your Chromebook

Edit Photos Videos Chromebook
Edit Photos Videos Chromebook

A Chromebook is a brilliant and cheap alternative to several laptops running Windows or macOS. However, the rampant belief is that it is impossible to edit pictures and clip on it. That is false, however, because Chromebooks’ shift to mobility is already making the difference.

It is true that the complete desktop applications you adore are nowhere to be found on Chromebooks, but there are lots of mobile-focused photo editing applications and video editors for Chromebooks that professionals can work with. See the answer to your How Do I Edit Photos And Videos On My Chromebooks: question:

How To Edit Photos And Videos On Your Chromebook?

Best Video Editors Your For Your Chromebook:

1. PowerDirector Android App:

Edit Photos Videos Chromebook

PowerDirector is a well-known desktop video editor and its mobile version is an amazing tool to edit clips on a Chromebook. Its UI is quite identical to what is visible in the PowerDirector desktop version, therefore you will be used to how it works if you have worked it before. The app can trim videos, add effects, adjust the appearance, overlay audio, add songs, stabilize shaky clips, and so on. It is free, but unlocking specific improvements will cost you money.

2. KineMaster Android App:

This is a brilliant video editor for Chromebooks. It is home to an uncomplicated UI but lots of features to edit clips on a Chrome OS device properly. Its capabilities include a multi-layer timeline, color adjustments, trimming, cropping, speed control, and 4K support. On top of that, it has access to an asset store for buying songs, transitions, clips, and so on.

3. WeVideo Web App:

Edit Photos Videos Chromebook

This is a cloud-based web application that helps with video editing on a Chromebook. It provides an identical experience to a desktop video editor and it is indeed better than the options above. WeVideo aids several video and audio tracks, granting you the freedom to do all you want with several video clips. Some of its features include transitions, 4K exporting, titles, rotation, cropping, animations, and effects.

Best Photo Editing Apps For Your Chromebook:

1. Google Photos:

Those who wish to remain within the Google ecosystem and are not looking for fancy features for photo editing will appreciate this application. Alongside the good job it does with image storage and organization, it is possible to apply filters, change colors, fix exposure, and so on. It is also home to lots of other features, including unlimited storage for high-quality photos, smart searching tools, and auto improvements.

2. Snapseed Android App:

Edit Photos Videos Chromebook

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This is another top app for editing photos on a Chromebook, and it works like Lightroom. Google bought the company 9 years ago and its fame has kept rising since then. Snapseed is popular for its simplicity and amazing features, plus it is very free.

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