Best KeepVid Alternatives To Download YouTube Videos (2024)

Whether we like it or not, smart devices are a solid part of our lives that we can’t just shake off at the wave of the hand. Billions of people all around the globe are making use of smart devices every second to full one or more purposes. Whether they are Android or iOS devices, laptops, or others, our lives are wrapped around these devices because we depend so much on them to accomplish things.

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Keepvid is one asset that is very precious to those who use it because it saves time and makes it possible to download videos from YouTube. Using Keepvid means you can download YouTube videos without paying a dime. You may not download the software because an online version is available.

This article will explain and mention other Keepvid alternatives that can help you accomplish your mission of downloading videos from YouTube hassle-free.

  1. Savefrom

Savefrom Net

This platform is very popular, and it is accessible to people from all countries of the world. It is a high-ranking site, and that means many people make use of it. It is not just a YouTube video downloader, and you can use it to download videos from other websites as well.

Just copy the URL of the video where you want to download the video, and that’s it. Pasting it is the first step. Ensure that you choose the desired format before you start the download. You also have the option of choosing the video resolution as well.

  1. SaveVid


This one is worth checking out, too, as it is a good alternative for KeepVid. It works for most platforms, and you hardly get a complaint that you can’t download a video. So, it is not just a YouTube video downloader. It does more. Mostly, people love it because when they visit the site, they can see what videos are trending. Surprisingly, you could find your favorite video on that front page as well. Simply duplicate the URL already placed on the download bar and let it get to work.

  1. YouTube-DL

Youtube Dl

Possibly, this came with your device if you have Windows, macOS, or similar devices. There is no need to stress if it is that way because it could direct you to download any video you want to have on your laptop. It is software, a single line command program, designed to work as a video downloader on your system or device. It works perfect for YouTube, and it also functions with the aid of a python interpreter. It is light, offers painless operation because it is easy to use.

  1. Zamzar


Zamzar works online as a video downloader. It is a good alternative for KeepVid. There is no pain using this service, and it just requires you to input an email address where your video will be sent. The platform offers both free and paid versions. My advice is that you get yourself acquainted with the free version before you make a move to the premium level. Sometimes, users find out that all they need is the free version. Use the advance option for which you pay only when you need to enjoy something that’s not available for free on the platform.

  1. iTUBE Studio

Itube Studio

This platform boasts that it can download video from any video sharing site. Even if the video you want to download is not on YouTube, it is promising to want to try using this software. There are so many media formats you could use so that the videos can be downloaded in the right format of your choice. It is available from Android and iOS devices as well, and that even makes it better because you can watch videos with, pause it, and minimize the box. It remains there while you make use of other things. Just come and continue playing your video. It downloads faster than other download apps.

  1. Video Grabber

Video Grabber

Mainly, if you must use this app, you need to download it directly to your laptop or another device. It is the only way you can make use of it. Once you have it on your device, it lets you save videos directly from video sharing sites like YouTube or Vimeo. Copy and paste the video address, then click on the “grab it” button. Watch it begin its work. Here, you may use a web browser feature that can be clicked from the website you’re surfing, and the video gets downloaded.

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  1. Video Keeper

Video Keeper

This is an advanced video downloader. It is free to use but offers more advanced features than most video downloaders. It is light, not complex to use, and as expected, impacts download speed positively. Try to make use of advanced features that are available so you can get the best of them. Use manual or automatic download as you deem fit. The manual download will be good if you must pre-set formats before you download your video. It works with a whole range of smart devices.

  1. Free Video Downloader

Free Video Downloader

This works very similar KeepVid. If you know how to use KeepVid, then you don’t need to look around. With the same mindset, make use of this video downloader with ease. Just copy and paste; the rest is easy. It also works like Savefromnet and others. You have multiple here too, so enjoy the resolution and format you want the most. Like a few other platforms, this tool works fast as well.

  1. Orbit Downloader


The plus for using the tool is that it offers HTML5 downloads. Is the video in WebM format? It can also download it from any video sharing website. It has a user-friendly interface that is easy to use. Do you want to download heavy video files? You may not be able to do that here. Anything from 2MB above has to be downloaded elsewhere.

  1. Winx YouTube Downloader

Winx Youtube Downloader

This is not the least, nor is it the most popular of them all. The “YouTube” in the name first made me feel that it only works with that site’s videos. That’s not true, as anyone can download video from many other video file sharing websites. It even allows you to do HD video downloads in MP3 or MP4. Downloaded videos are compatible with most devices, so don’t fret about whether the videos will play or not. The good thing with this tool is that you can download multiple videos all at once! It is your data that will suffer. The download is quite fast, as some users say it is about seven times faster than other video downloaders.


We have mentioned the best alternatives to KeepVid in this article. Please note that some of these tools offer unique experiences that could make them the choice of the users. I make use of four of these tools, and I can promise you that they are outstanding. The importance of checking multiple sites is that at least one will offer you more than others.

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