Bezos and Zuckerberg become the “big winners” after the US election

Bezos and Zuckerberg become the "big winners" after the US election

The 2020 US general election is still underway, and Amazon CEO Bezos and Facebook CEO Zuckerberg may be regarded as “big winners” in their own way.

Bezos and Zuckerberg become the

According to reports, on Wednesday, the Nasdaq and S&P 500 index recorded the biggest gains since the election day, with a total of 167 US billionaires earning 57.4 billion US dollars. Amazon CEO Bezos got the biggest gain, reaching 10.5 billion US dollars, and Facebook CEO Zuckerberg’s wealth increased by 8.1 billion US dollars .

According to documents from the US Securities and Exchange Commission, Bezos also sold 1 million shares of Amazon before the market rebound on Wednesday, for a total of $3 billion. He still owns about 53 million Amazon shares.

Considering the amount of cash set, Bezos’s sale is particularly eye-catching. In the past, Bezos used Amazon stock sales to fund its space exploration company, Blue Origin, for about $1 billion a year.

The gains of Bezos and other billionaires in the chaos of the election have increased concerns about the widening gap between the rich and the poor in the United States during the new crown epidemic. A study published in July found that during the COVID-19 pandemic, the wealth of billionaires in all but two states increased. And Bezos has won the “Forbes” 400 rich list for the third consecutive year this year.

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