“Clone TikTok” Reels updated: allows longer videos, easier to edit

According to Techcrunch reports, there are reports showing that the “clone version of TikTok” Reels failed to gain appeal, so Instagram added some new features to it on Wednesday, including support for Reels users to create longer videos. Tools for users to edit videos, etc.

Naija Tech News has learned that TikTok has helped popularize short 15-second videos (the default setting). It also allows users to record videos up to one minute in length, and the latter has also attracted users. However, Reels only supported 15-second videos when it was launched, and users have been asking for the ability to create longer videos, just like TikTok did.

But Instagram does not support the full one-minute short video recording function, but added the ability to allow users to create Reel videos up to 30 seconds long. This may result in users having to create original content for Reel instead of reusing their longer TikTok videos on Instagram.

The company said that users can now extend the timer to 10 seconds and will allow users to trim and delete clips, but these will not completely solve the problems Reels faced.

TikTok is so easy to use because users don’t need to be proficient in video editing to make some excellent short videos, while Reels requires more manual editing, but Reels has also successfully accepted some high-profile users. It is promoting Reels from creators such as Prince William and Princess Kate, Billy Porter, Blair Imani, Doug the Pug, and Eitan Bernath as examples of its creative content.

Instagram stated that the option to create 30-second Reels was launched on Wednesday, and new trimming and editing features have also been launched. These features will be available in 50 countries and other places that offer Reels around the world.

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