Cook: Apple should be censored but has no monopoly. Talking to Trump is better than nothing


▲ Cook accepted an interview

On September 22, Beijing time, Apple CEO Tim Cook participated in the annual online live event “The Atlantic Festival” organized by The Atlantic Monthly on Monday evening, discussing privacy, Antitrust issues, telecommuting and his relationship with US President Trump .

Big companies should be scrutinized but Apple has no monopoly

Regarding the ongoing antitrust investigations of Apple, Google, Facebook, and Amazon by US regulators, Cook said that large companies should be scrutinized, which is “reasonable and important” for the US government. He said he “has no opinion” about Apple’s investigation. He hopes that people will eventually understand Apple and know that Apple does not constitute a monopoly.

“We are in a very competitive market, such as smartphones, smart watches, tablets, and PCs. The competition in these fields is quite fierce. They can basically stage street fights for market share. Our company’s core strategy is to do the best. Instead of doing the most. This basic strategy will never constitute a monopoly. Can the best be the most? This is very rare and almost impossible. Someone buys a product, (this is not the climate). Enough Only when people buy this product will it have more shares. This principle is the same in all the different fields we are in.” Cook said.

Relationship with Trump: Talking is better than talking

Regarding his relationship with US President Trump and the feeling of interacting with the President, Cook said that he regarded his specific dialogue with Trump as a “private conversation” and did not want to discuss the content of the conversation, but he reiterated his previous Views expressed many times: Talking is better than not talking.

“I believe it’s much better to participate in dialogue, whether you agree with a certain topic or not. I think dialogue is even more important when you disagree with something. At Apple, we focus on policy, not politics. This makes We stayed away from daily political disputes and focused entirely on issues important to us,” he said.

Will not let employees work from home for a long time

Affected by the epidemic, many Apple employees have switched to working from home. Cook said that this is different from getting together to work in the company. He can’t wait for everyone to return to the company. He also confirmed that Apple will not allow employees to work from home for a long time.

However, he also said that “some things” are progressing very smoothly online, so these things will not go back to the previous mode.

“Creativity, accidental discovery and other things, you need employees to meet each other in a day to get. We have designed the entire office to provide a common area for employees to gather and discuss different things. This encounter You cannot arrange it.”

“So, I think most employees want to go back to the office again. Hopefully sometime next year, no one knows the exact period. We now have about 10% to 15% of employees working in the office. Zhou is also in the office at different times, but the vast majority of employees, 85% to 90% still need to work remotely.”

In addition, Cook also talked about how Apple views the United States’ response to the new crown pneumonia epidemic, climate change, privacy, California wildfires, international policies, and his future plans.

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