Did You Need a Job? 8 Sites To Find Jobs At Purposeful Organizations

If you know where to look, you won’t be. Like your usual company, many purpose-driven organizations have common job positions, such as accountant, designer, and programmer, to be filled as well. You don’t need a degree in sustainability or environmental science to start making a difference.

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Let’s explore the job sites where you can find meaningful jobs at socially conscious organizations.

1. B Work

bwork website

B Work is a partnership between B Lab, the nonprofit that established the B-corp certification, and Fitzii, from the Ian Martin recruitment company. From internships to higher managerial positions, you can search and filter the jobs at B Work by criteria, such as impact area. This way, you can identify companies that are contributing to the cause you’re most passionate about.

New jobs are added almost every day. At B Work, all employers posting the job ads are certified B corporations. Click “Apply” on a job you’re interested in, and you’ll be directed to Fitzii to fill in your application.

2. Work for Good

work for good job site
Initially founded as Opportunity Knocks in 1999, Work For Good is a nonprofit and one of the first job boards established that seeks to help people get into cause-driven careers.The site has a detailed job filtering system. You can refine the list by job type, location, salary, experience, and willingness to travel. That’s right; there are remote and meaningful jobs that allow you to work from home!At Work for Good, new jobs are added every couple of days or so. You’ll find job ads from organizations such as the Georgia Food Bank Association and Habitat for Humanity. To apply for a job, you need to create a profile on Work For Good. The profile also has the added benefit of letting potential employers directly match you to their job openings.

3. Escape the City

True to its name, Escape The City is for those tired of their city life and looking for an invigorating change in their career. The jobs posted on this site are nature and community-centric. For example, you’ll spot organizations like The Bike Club, OddBox, and The Wildlife Trusts.

New jobs are added frequently. Escape the City’s newsletter sends you a handpicked list of 10 awesome jobs every Monday, providing the job position title and an overview of what each company does. The jobs range from full-time and remote to those at a fixed location.

To apply, you just need to follow the instructions on the job description, which includes an email address or link for interested candidates to apply through.

4. Idealist

Idealist is a nonprofit organization that assists others in developing their careers in social impact. The platform organizes grad-school fairs and provides free resources on their site to make it easier for people to step into the world of cause-driven work.

Use Idealist to discover jobs and social-conscious organizations in your area. You can specify and search for remote positions, as new jobs are added almost every day. The job ad will contain an email address or external link for an application.

Besides work, Idealist also consolidates volunteering opportunities and mutual aid groups on its site. If you haven’t found your calling, try connecting with your community through these channels to experience and gain more knowledge via indirect networking.

5. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional networking site. As it’s an all-encompassing career site, you may dread facing the usual ads for the same nine-to-five corporate jobs. With LinkedIn, the key lies in how you search for the jobs you want.

In the search bar, you can get results for jobs that are a good fit for your area of expertise and values by typing keywords related to the social cause. This search method works best after optimizing your LinkedIn profile. It allows the search query to obtain the most relevant search results based on your experience and current position.

For example, if you’re a freelance writer with a marketing degree, fill in your profile with the necessary information. Then, when you search for keywords like “dogs” in the Jobs section, the open positions you’ll see will include positions like editor, content writer, or marketing manager—all at pet-related organizations!

6. Goodgigs

Goodgigs is a clean, simple platform to embark on your search for meaningful jobs. The majority of organizations posting job ads on Goodgigs are based in the US, so this site is more suited to those who live in the States.

New jobs are added almost every day. You can search them by category, which ranges from data and finance to human resources. Examples of organizations posting job ads here include Talkspace, GoFundMe, and the Sesame Workshop.

You can create a profile on Goodgigs and state what causes you’re most keen to support, such as animal rights or the environment. Goodgigs will then send you a weekly email that gives you a roundup of the available positions related to your passion.

7. Work For Impact

Work For Impact is a certified B-Corp that strives to connect independent workers with purposeful organizations. You can find small businesses to SMEs advertising their jobs here. New jobs are added every week or so.

Work For Impact is focused on freelancers. For instance, if you’re a freelance content writer, it’s one of the great freelance writing job sites to check out as most clients are looking to hire services remotely. Subscribe to WFI’s newsletter to get job postings as well as tips on how to up your freelance career.

To apply for jobs, you need to create a profile on Work For Impact and use Impact points to submit a proposal.

8. Skoll

The Skoll Foundation provides grants and investments for social entrepreneurs through its awards program. On the site, you’ll find a community job board that provides a list of job postings.

Here, you’ll find organizations such as Build Change, Blue Ventures Conservation, and Green Salon Collective. New jobs are added almost every day. There’s a mixture of US and UK-based jobs, along with some international remote positions. The job ad will contain an email address or link for you to apply for the position.

Find Meaningful Jobs to Develop Your Career Today

You’re already putting in hours, weeks, months, and years into your job. Why not let that time be used to contribute to a greater cause? Plus, you’ll get paid at the same time!

Therefore, use these job sites to get jobs at social-conscious organizations. In today’s world of remote working, the opportunities are greater than ever before.

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