Download 2024 Free Spotify Premium Mod Apk V8.6.94.306

Spotify premium apk 2022, download Spotify premium mod apk Version for any of your devices here, download Spotify for android, ios or pc, Spotify mod apk. We live in a world where music has become a major part of people’s lives, for some, hardly can a day goes by without them listening to music, this had made most people always searching for the best and easy way to listen to their music.

There are a number of music streaming platforms out there, but the one that has proved to be the best and popularly used is Spotify. Spotify started some few years back, but it has already surpassed most of the platforms already in the game like the sound cloud and the rest.

Spotify premium apk 2022

Spotify offers two plans for its users are the free and the premium plan, when you sign up for Spotify, you get a free plan, this free plan can be enjoyable but still has some limitations it, you will be provided with an option to subscribe to the premium plan, which absolutely has no limitations to it, the free plan has a lot of limitations that can eventually turn out to be annoying sometimes, limitations like the ads, music skipping and the rest would not be found on the premium plan, and that is why a lot of people would rather choose the premium.

The premium app has a lot of notable differences from the free and some of these features will be highlighted below.


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Features of Spotify premium apk 2022

  • Ads-free

This version of the Spotify premium mod apk has been hacked and several limitations have been removed from the app except for the server-based feature of the app, with the free version you will have to tackle lots of ads while streaming your music, there can be nothing more annoying than having to deal with ads pop-ups every minute while trying to listen to a song, but you don’t have to worry about that anymore, this version has got all ads completely removed and lets you have a seamless play and enjoy your music without worrying about any ads pop up.

  • High quality

With the free version of your Spotify premium apk, you probably don’t know that the quality of music is quite low compared to the premium version because the music on the free app is offered for streaming in 120kbp while the premium version is in 360kbp, sounds in this bitrate are considered to be of high quality, so you might consider getting the premium version of this app which we offer for free download here.

  • Offline download

With the free version of Spotify, you are not allowed to download any song for offline play, meaning you can’t listen to your favorite song without an Internet connection, this ain’t good at all! but worry no more, with this premium version, you can have an unlimited download of your favorite songs for offline play, as long as you have the needed space on your phone storage, you can listen to them any time.

  • No auto music shuffling

If you are a regular user of the Spotify free, you would have noticed by now that you always get redirected to another song you did not choose after a song, a lot of people finds this frustrating, but it is happening all because you are using the free version, with the Spotify premium apk version, there is no such thing, you get what you want and there is nothing like redirecting with the premium app we offer for download here, just follow all procedures on how to install and you will be enjoying the premium app absolutely free in no time.

  • Unlimited music skip

We talked about the limitations of the free Spotify earlier and one of them is the number of music you can skip, the free Spotify only allows you to skip 6 songs within the time frame of an hour, this is one of the biggest limitations of the free Spotify which would make you want to opt in for the premium version, the premium Spotify let’s you skip songs unlimited with no time frame at all.

  • Spotify connect

For a free user, you definitely can’t access this feature and it seems to be one of the best features of Spotify, this feature allows you to connect your Spotify to external devices to enjoy your songs in more quality, you can connect your Spotify to a Bluetooth device, your smart TV, radio, an external speaker..all of this can only be enjoyed with the premium Spotify, get the premium app from here and enjoy your songs in even better quality.

  • No root required

This modded version of Spotify premium apk 2022 does not require your device to be rooted before use, you can enjoy the app even without root on your device, the app offers the same benefits for both a rooted device and an unrooted device, just get the app downloaded no matter what device you use, you will still enjoy the enormous benefits of this modded premium app, even on your pc and IOS devices.

  • Perfect recommendations

Spotify V8.6.94.306 has a feature that recommends songs to you based on what genre or type of song you listen to often, this premium version also offers the same but better, the recommendations are highly analyzed to bring to you only what suites your taste and might be of interest to you.

  • Choose from playlist

With the free Spotify, you are restricted from choosing the desired song from a playlist, you will have to listen to the playlist on shuffle mode even though you don’t enjoy them, you can only be able to skip tracks 6 times in an hour which can be a very frustrating thing. The premium version allows you to listen to your desired songs and let you choose the desired song from a playlist, you also don’t have to worry about the shuffled order, you can listen to a playlist serially with the Spotify premium mod apk.

Requirements for the Spotify premium apk

  • Android 4.4 and above for Android devices.
  • Cydia impactor on pc to run on ios devices.
  • Bluestack application to run on pc.
  • Vpn for restricted countries.

How To download Spotify for android

To download and enjoy the Spotify app, you have to follow the instructions below carefully and ensure that you don’t miss a step to avoid problems while installing or using the app.

  1. To download the app, you need to be subscribed to our telegram channel, the app is the hacked version and it will be available for download on our telegram channel, you can download telegram for free on PlayStore and after installation, the direct link to the app will be provided in this post on the downloads section. Click here to subscribe to our telegram channel now!.
  2. After downloading the Spotify premium apk 2022, you will need to ensure that your android phone is set to “allow installation from unknown source” due to privacy issues, so to do that, go to settings > security and ensure the toggle for “unknown source” is turned on.
  3. Now go back to the telegram channel and locate the app, click on it and choose “save to downloads”, after that go to your device file manager and locate downloads, install the app from there and enjoy!.

How To use Spotify mod apk

Using the Spotify premium is quite easy, all you need to do after launching the app is to sign up for an account with a new email address and enjoy the enormous benefits of the app without worrying about tweaking anything. After signing in on the app you can then choose to change any settings by tapping on the Settings icon on the top right corner of the screen if you so desire.

Note After installing the app, do not log in an existing account, sign up with a new email address to avoid your account from being banned by Spotify.

-download Spotify for android.

How to install on ios

This Spotify premium as mentioned earlier can be used on your pc and IOS devices but with the help of an emulator, for the ios device, all steps have been explained below in detail, follow accordingly.

  1. First download Cydia impactor on your pc, you can search the Web for a compatible version for your pc.
  2. Now download the Spotify premium apk on our telegram channel and save it to a directory on your device.
  3. Then connect your ios device to the pc and select your device.
  4. Now go to the directory you saved the Spotify to and drag the app to Cydia impactor.
  5. Provide your apple id to the app when prompted to hide the Spotify mod apk from the phone’s server.
  6. Install the app on your device and go to setting>General>Profiles>Android Device Manager and select Spotify.
  7. Ensure that you enable trust for the device.
  8. Sign up and enjoy the premium app all for free on your ios device.

-download Spotify for android

How to install for pc

For the pc version, you also need to have an android emulator installed on your pc to run the app, then follow the guide below to get it set up.

  1. Download bluestack application for your pc, you can also search the Web for a compatible version of this app for your pc.
  2. Then, download the Spotify premium app from our telegram channel and save it to a directory on your device.
  3. Transfers the app to your pc from your phone.
  4. Locate the app on your pc and click on it, it will open in bluestack.
  5. Click on install and it will be installed on your pc.
  6. Open the app from bluestack and enjoy the premium app all for free!.

Additional Information For Spotify premium apk

App name Spotify premium mod apk
App version v8.6.94.306
App size 28MB
Supported device Android 4.4, above


We have taken our time to answer some of the many asked questions about this app, kindly read below to see if you have any related questions, and if your question is not listed below, be free to drop it in the comments section, we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

What is Spotify premium apk?

Spotify premium apk is the modded version of Spotify that allows you to access all the premium features for free, all ads and restrictions have been removed from the app, so you don’t have to subscribe to a premium plan to enjoy the benefits of the app, just download to your device from our site here and enjoy.

How do I download the Spotify app?

The Spotify app can be easily downloaded from our telegram channel, install telegram on your device and click on the link provided in the download section to download the app directly from our telegram channel.

Is Spotify not working on my device?

Do you have issues with the app not working on your device?, that is probably because the app is banned in your country, Spotify mod apk has been banned from many countries, but you can bypass this by easily installing and using a Vpn on your device, you should set the location to USA since the app is well supported there.

Is the Spotify premium mod app legal?

This hacked version of the Spotify premium apk is not legal and the fact that it is not allowed in many countries even makes it more illegal to use the app (if you are in a Spotify-banned country).

Is it safe to use the app?

The app is completely safe to use, it does not contain any malware or virus, just install the app and enjoy a seamless play without worrying about malware or viruses.

Must my device be rooted before using the mod app?

Absolutely not, this app works seamlessly on both root and unroot devices, this version does not require your android device to be rooted before use, you will still enjoy the same benefits as a rooted device.

How do I bypass countries’ restrictions?

If the app is not supported in your country, then all you need to do is download a trusted VPN service from the play store, and set your location to the USA, that should help bypass the country restrictions and let you stream your songs all for free.

Must I be subscribed to a plan to use the app?

This app is the hacked version and does not require you to be subscribed to any plan before usage, just sign up with a new email address and enjoy all premium content for free.

-download Spotify for android

Wrap up

Over the years Spotify has emerged to be one of the best streaming platforms with millions of users and music from around the globe, but with the restrictions tied to the free version of the app a lot of people has been looking for a free alternative to use the premium plan for free.

In this article, we have provided all the information needed to download and install the Spotify premium apk 2022 for free on any of your devices, android, ios and even on pc.


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