Download mtkclient (MTK Client) for Windows/ Linux (2024)

Download mtkclient (MTK Client) for Windows/ Linux (2021)
Download mtkclient (MTK Client) for Windows/ Linux (2021)Download mtkclient (MTK Client) for Windows/ Linux (2021)

MTKclient is a tool or exploit which allow user to flash download disabled Mediatek devices Like Amazon fire TV Sticks & tablets. with the help of MTKclient you can disable DAA & SLA authentication, you can make a dump of bootrom & preloader, also you can run patched Preloader to disable sbc. in this article you will learn How to setup MTKclient on windows and Linux PC.

Download Links:

How to Setup MTKclient on Windows:

  • Install python 3.9 and git
  • download mtkclient from above and extract it to c drive
  • open CMD in MTKclient folder and send below code to Install require files
pip3 install -r requirements.txt
  • Get zadig from & Insall WinUSB driver
  • similar to libusb Start zadig, select Options -> List all devices
  • Connect powered off device via usb, and in list choose device with USB ID “0E8D””0003”
  • Select WinUSB and press Button “Replace Driver”
  • done, Now you can use script according your requirement’s
  • Let’s see some examples

Disable DAA SLA Authentications:

python mtk payload

dump bootrom:

python mtk dumpbrom --ptype=["amonet","kamakiri","hashimoto"] [--filename=brom.bin]

dump preloader

python mtk dumppreloader --ptype=["amonet","kamakiri","kamakiri2","hashimoto"] [--filename=preloader.bin]

run custom payload

python mtk payload --payload=payload.bin [--var1=var1] [--wdt=wdt] [--uartaddr=addr] [--da_addr=addr] [--brom_addr=addr]

How to setup MTKclient on Linux:

for linux you have to setup a patched kernel, you can boot this FireIso Live DVD

  • Install python and grab require files
sudo apt install python3 git libusb1.0
  • Install require files
git clone
cd mtkclient
pip3 install -r requirements.txt
python3 build
python3 install
  • Install rules
sudo adduser $USER dialout
sudo adduser $USER plugdev
sudo cp Setup/Linux/*.rules /etc/udev/rules.d sudo udevadm control -R
  • done, Now you can use this script


  • kamakiri [xyz]
  • linecode exploit [chimera]
  • Chaosmaster

Source: Github

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