Download Wema Mobile Banking Suite, How to use it & Transfer code

Wema Bank
Wema Bank

Wema Bank customers can currently carry out all their basic financial transactions from their homes with the Wema Mobile Banking Suite. Wema Mobile Banking Suite arrives with both mobile banking features and SMS Banking features.

The app ships in with lots of innovative features that allow you to send money without being connected to the internet, deposits, and even transact and more. You can also receive money(funds) from Western Union into your Wema bank account, and all this can be done with leaving the comfort of your home.

With the Wema Mobile Banking Suite, you can use your phone to block your misplaced or stolen ATM card. To be eligible to use the Wema Mobile Banking Suite, you will have to download and register the app.

How Do I Download Wema Mobile Banking Suite?

You can download  Wema Mobile Banking Suite from Google Play Store, and that’s all. Now let’s get down on how to register for Wema Mobile Banking Suite.

Wema Mobile Banking Suite (Registration Process)

You can easily log in to the app if you are an existing WemaOnline or Internet Banking users. All you have to do is use your previous details to access the app. New Wema Bank customers that do not have any Wema Online profile must have to register after downloading the app. Below is how to register for Wema Mobile Banking Suite.

1). Type in your password and registered phone number.
2). Your registered phone number is the one linked to your Wema bank account.
3). You will receive an SMS bearing your one-time password to log in with.
4). You will have to link your account with either your ATM card or account number.

Things You Can Do With The Wema Mobile Banking Suite

  • Check your transaction history and account balance.
  • Check your account information.
  • Make fast payments with the “Tap & Pay” feature.
  • Receive money from Western Union directly to your Wema Bank account.
  • Request your statement of account in PDF format.
  • Send money to any Wema Bank account (No charges).
  • Send money to other banks.
  • Use the Cash-In-Transit feature to send money to any beneficiary.
  • Apply for an ATM card.
  • You can also Activate your hardware token device.
  • You can locate Wema bank branches & ATMs near you.
  • Deactivate a lost or stolen ATM card.
  • Block your Wema account when you notice any suspected fraudulent activity.
  • Easy access to FAQ.
  • Buy Airtime (for self & others).
  • Easily Pay your bills.
  • Request for a checkbook.
  • Confirm your check with ease.
  • Safely Stop any checks issued.
  • Request for bank draft.
  • Report any ATM dispense error.
  • Contact Wema Bank customer service directly (Purple Connect).
  • Use the SMS Banking feature without an Internet connection.

Wema Bank Mobile Banking Via USSD Code

Wema Mobile banking service uses a USSD Code which is also known as Wema Bank transfer code (945#) to offer convenient and easy banking to customers. The Wema Mobile banking keeps you in charge of your own account. Simply dial 945# on your registered number to start using the Wema bank transfer code for transactions.

Advantages Of Wema Bank Mobile Banking Service (USSD Code)

To use the Wema bank transfer code, you must endeavor that you dial the quick code on the phone number linked to your Wema bank account. Below are the Wema bank quick codes for various transactions:

Introducing *945# by Wema Bank

  • Change PIN: *945*00#
  • Balance Enquiry: *945*0#
  • Open a Wema Bank Account: *945*1#
  • Instant Recharge: *945*AMOUNT#

To get started with the Wema bank transfer code or Wema bank USSD code, dial 9451#. Provide all the information they need. A notification containing your account number will be sent to you. You will need to visit Wema bank branch so they can link your phone number with your bank account if it hasn’t been done from the onset.

How to Buy Airtime With Wema Bank Recharge Code

To buy airtime from your Wema bank account, simply dial 945Airtime Amount# from the number linked to your account. You can also buy for others by simply dialing 945Reciever’s Phone Number*Airtime Amount#.

How To Transfer Money With Wema Bank Transfer Code

To send money to any Nigerian bank, simply dial 945Reciever’s Account Number*Amount# >> Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the transfer. The maximum amount that you can send with the Wema bank transfer code is 100,000.00 Naira. If you want to transfer more money, then we recommend you download & use the Wema Mobile Banking Suite.

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