Dream League Soccer 2024 (DLS 2024) Android APK + OBB Data: Super Soccer Game

Dream League Soccer 2019 (DLS 19) Android APK + OBB Data: Super Soccer Game

Very few football games can be compared to EA Sports’s FIFA Mobile or PES 2017 games for mobile devices. Dream League Soccer 2019 is one such game, about gameplay. The sequel to Dream League Soccer 18, this is the only other game besides the FIFA series with FIFPro license (International Professional Football Federation) that uses the official player’s name and face in the game.

What is this HOT mobile soccer game?

As every summer for countless years now, we begin to glimpse what will be the best football games for the coming season. Once the 2018 World Championships are over, it’s time to start thinking about the exciting 2018-19 season we face and the new games that await us. A season that will be mirrored as always in the two giants of football video games: on the one hand FIFA 19, developed as always by EA Sports, and on the other PES 2019, implemented by the guys of Konami.

Dream League Soccer is YOUR opportunity to put together the best team on the planet. Engage new players, improve your stadium and train your team to conquer the glory of football stars!

Dream League Soccer 2019 (DLS 19) Android APK + OBB Data: Super Soccer Game

Both contenders will play the honor of being the best football title on virtually any platform (Android, iPhone, PC, Xbox, PlayStation …), but if there is anyone who can deal with them in Google’s mobile operating system is undoubtedly the Dream League Soccer or DLS franchise, developed by First Touch Games, which has already launched its new game for this football year.

However, do not expect a pure and simple football simulator, even if, if you want to limit yourself exclusively to dribbling, shooting, elegant games and other Neymar actions on the grass, you can do it. Every year, First Touch improves artificial intelligence to make players less predictable as graphics and animations are improved, even if they are not entirely realistic yet.

Dream League Soccer 2019 (DLS 19) Android APK + OBB Data: Super Soccer Game

Probably the best soccer game manager for mobile.

But the strong point of DLS 19 is undoubtedly its managerial functions thanks to which we will become a prestigious coach able to lead our club from the third division up to the soccer altars so you can look down on Mourinho, the Zidane or the Valverde on duty.

Dream League Soccer 2019 (DLS 19) Android APK + OBB Data: Super Soccer Game

One of the best football management games for Android

Guide, game tips Dream League Socer

1. Don’t just keep an eye on the ball

As mentioned above, things can get tough in your first few 2018 Dream League Soccer matches – the art of passing and scoring goals. But when talking about the basics of this game, everyone loves to focus on watching the ball, and also keeps an eye on the defensive players trying to strip your ball, so look General football field, as well as the lineup to be able to pass or can lead the ball best.

2. Pass the Ball in the game

You also need to find out when to press the A button and the B button – using the A button too often will lead to passes and long shots can lead to loss of ownership or the ball goes out of bounds, while using Using too many B buttons or playing too safe, can often result in defenders defending the ball from just below your feet. Don’t skip the C button for those floating ones. Double-tapping or swiping to the right (the individual we like first) allows you to perform special movements, such as fancy dribbling, and that can help you eliminate your defender. You can also swipe right while the ball is in the air after pressing the A button, so that the next attacking player makes a special move that increases your chances of keeping the ball.

3. Use the regular C button to switch defenders

By default, the game will automatically switch the defender to you, based on the person closest to the ball. This can lead to problems, since the nearest shadow guard may be following the opponent controlling the ball. In the meantime, the post-men who are controlled by the AI just stand there, even if they have a chance to get ahead of a player attacking with the ball and take the challenge of taking possession of the ball. So in order to avoid this trap, you will need to press the C button while defending to switch to another defender that you feel has a better chance of performing a successful challenge and eliminating the man with the left. ball.

Like attacking, defensive play can be familiar, if you are familiar with football management games where you are in charge of the team, strategy and strategy in the game, among other management tasks. , but not directly control the players. But that’s what the aforementioned Coaching feature is for new players

4. Be careful when dealing with competitors

Press the A or B button when defending, as mentioned before, allowing you to challenge your opponent with a ball, with the A button allowing you to deal with stronger opponents. Of course, using A will give you a better chance of removing the man with the ball, but because technically, you use rough tactics to gain possession of the ball, it also gives you the chance Better chance to receive a warning, or worse, receive a yellow card from the referee.

Using the B button when dealing in general is a safer way, but it is easier to get some yellow cards while doing such challenges. Actively defend if you have to, but avoid any situation that may cause you trouble with the referee!

5. Don’t forget to watch promotional videos after each game

1,000 gold is a good enough number to buy you a much better player. But besides, it can be difficult to earn gold in the game; Winning a match will only earn you a bit of money and if you lose a match, you will receive a gold coin. But whether you end up winning or losing, Dream League Soccer 2018 will ask you if you want to watch the promotional video to earn 30 gold at the end of the game. Although not much, it may increase as you continue to play more games and continue to make your team better.

6. Which new players should you prioritize transfer?

Unlike other football games with management mechanisms, Dream League Soccer 2018 allows you to directly buy players from the transfer market. There is no auction time in which you have to compete with managers or AI and there are no special rules when buying new players – just browse through the eligible transfer list, filter by location or rank Rank if you want and buy, who will then be automatically added to your bench and eligible to play in the next game. It’s as simple as that, although you should also add that if you want to add some better players in the game, you may need to buy gold packages in the in-game store with your real money.

In the early stages of the game, you should focus on players who rank between 68 and 72 or there, or those who cost between 500-600 cents or less. Avoid players with poorly ranked ratings, it will not make sense to replace your central midfielder by rating 64 with another person with a rating of 65 or 66 or lower, lower. In terms of location, it will depend on the position of the captain you selected earlier in the game.

In general, you want to find your weaknesses and there are no specific rules when it comes to improving your weaknesses. But individuals who play familiar should choose defensive priority by adding a better goalkeeper, or, when having more money, buy a new defender and reinforce the first line of defense.

7. You can also pay gold to improve your players

You may take more time to see some obvious improvements, but can also spend gold to improve your players’ stats. Just click on Team Manager, click on any of your players, then click the Player Development tab at the bottom right of your screen.After that, you will have 6 options to improve, with each area focusing on a certain indicator – for example: Development techniques will improve Crossing rankings, player’s Ball and Pass Control you, while upgrading speed will improve their Strength, Handling and Heading.

Typically, it costs at least 20 gold to upgrade or develop one of the 6 indicators, although you may need to pay more if the index improves. Make sure you are scrutinizing the current statistics of your players, because once you click on one of the 6 only soos, your decision is final and your gold will not be refunded. pay!

8. Lineup and Tactics

Players can win matches in this game even if the power is lower. However, that does not mean that the squad you choose will not give you a better chance. A 4-4-2 diagram may not be original, but it is a balanced lineup that many real-life teams play with. With three forward strikers, you can score more goals with a score of 4-3-3 or 3-4-3. If you concede many goals, then 5-3-2 or 5-2-1-2 can reduce the number of goals scored on your team.

You can apply your own tactics in a match. For example, some players play a counter-game by quickly putting long balls (usually with goalkeepers) on the pitch for a player ahead. It is a particularly effective tactic when almost all the other team players are in your half yard after just one corner.

You can also choose attack, neutral or defensive mode. If you are watching at recess, switch to attack to add players forward. However, choose defensive mode to pull many players back to protect the lead position. Some players may even turn their roster into 5-3-2 or 5-2-1-2 to be able to fight better.

9. Good Dream League video game technique

Here are the techniques to hook, pass, clean, and many tips to get the ball, the ball or the beautiful

In Dream League Soccer 2019 we will drive a modest club that plays in the lower categories to realize the dream of any football fan: take it by division into division to the top of world football, winning the championship and the Champions League and aspiring to win really everything. To do this, it offers the following features:

Dream League Soccer 2019 (DLS 19) Android APK + OBB Data: Super Soccer Game

  • The game that combines aspects of management and simulation.
  • Get a team of the lowest divisions and category salts.
  • It aspires to win all the competitions in which you participate, from the championship to the Champions through the Europa League.
  • Choose a character captain who will infect his teammates.
  • Schedule specific training sessions for each player and group practices.
  • Use the market to make up for your shortcomings, hiring new players and selling those that do not fit your style of play.
  • Develop your stadium and remember that you will have to change it as you level up.
  • Access to numerous and complete statistics of your evolution as a coach.
  • Intuitive controls to pull, dribble and pass the ball, as well as to make revenue and unmark.
  • Customize your team’s equipment or kit so that it resembles that of your favorite club.
  • Achieve the goals indicated at the beginning of each season.
  • Choose the best training for each game and decide the tactics and strategy to use.
  • A small tutorial to learn the management of the players before starting to play.
  • And, of course, exciting football matches with which you can make the most of your footballing skills.

Dream League Soccer 2019 (DLS 19) Android APK + OBB Data: Super Soccer Game


Use the integrated transfer system to create the team you really want! Hire players using coins or find a deal in the free transfer market! Develop a team of up to 32 players for the ultimate experience. Do not miss the opportunity to create your own players!


strikers and defenders give you an intense experience that you can not do without. Dream League Soccer, with its intuitive controls and its exceptional graphics, is the perfect game of football and captures the true essence of your favorite sport.

Dream League Soccer 2019 (DLS 19) Android APK + OBB Data: Super Soccer Game


Do you have the skills to be promoted in the Elite Division? And if it’s not enough for you, it does not end here! Friendly matches, the Global Challenge Cup and other prestigious tournaments await the best of the best teams of dreams.


Dream League Soccer 2019 (DLS 19) Android APK + OBB Data: Super Soccer Game

Train your team members with our unique player development program. Improve your skills with ball, fitness, distribution and much more!


Give the best in every match to reach the goals of the game and the season of your board of directors. Also, keep the fans happy with our new fan rating system!


Watch the games really take life with more than 60 unique celebrations, super realistic shots and smooth animations.


Unlock important goals that will keep you busy for hours, each of which will reward you with coins that you can use to form your dream team!

Dream League Soccer 2019 gameplay

Before anything else, we need to know what Dream League Soccer is, compared to other games of the same type, such as Football Manager for example. Although you will really have the opportunity to manage a football club, association, most of what you will do in this game will take place on the field, when you control your team’s actions on the attack. and defense. Fortunately, the controls are simple enough – touch B to pass / shoot or defend normally, or switch from One defender to the next.

Here, players will be able to control your players can be challenging and you will always have to deal with your opponent teams, while making awkward passes when blocked, or the owl Long shots lead to goals. But to play the best, now the game also has the Training mode, can participate by visiting My Club, then move to the lower right corner of the menu, this is really the place to go To practice your attacks and defenses equally.

The first thing you will be asked is to choose a captain – you will be asked to choose one of the 5 good players to be your captain, but because there are no clear captain stats in this game, So recommend that you go with the best player among the overall ranking options. You can also choose who matches your desired play style, for example striker / midfielder if you like attacking style, or central defender or goalkeeper if you want to focus more on defense.

After the game introduces you to a brief tutorial, you will basically be taken to the field – you will be playing the rest of the first game without prompting what to do or not to do. Chances are, you may lose that game, but don’t panic, because the goal of your group will not be too high at first. Moreover, you will earn 1,000 gold easily when completing your first game, winning or losing; You can then use this currency to buy new players in the transfer market to further strengthen your team.

How To Download DLS 19 MOD APK + OBB Offline

==> NB: take note that TechReen does not support downloading APK Apps or Games from third-party sites as they can endanger your mobile device; Downloading APK files can be risky business, as you don’t necessarily know what the file contains. If the app is malware, it could enable someone to take control of your device. It might give hackers access to your contacts, passwords, and financial accounts. But if you insist on downloading it, then you can go ahead and follow the instructions below to download the mod version directly.

Here is the Download:

APK + Data – Dream League Soccer 19 Mod APK (Unlimited Coins) Download


A) Install the APK;

B) Copy Data to Android-> Obb ;

C) Play

If you’re wondering, the game is not yet available on Google Play and we do not even know when it will come out, but this is not an obstacle, because you can download the APK from Malavida to start training hard. You will need it if you want to defeat your opponents without having to resort to mods, hacks and other tricks. Good luck!

Requirements and additional information:
  • Required operating system: Android 2.3.
  • The application offers integrated purchases.

How to connect Bluetooth to play with friends on the phone

  • Step 1: Turn off 3G and Wifi networks on your device
  • Step 2: Open “Settings” on the phone
  • Step 3: Select “Connect”
  • Step 4: Click on “Share Internet connection”, note that depending on the phone, the interface will be different.
  • Step 5: Choose to turn on “Bluetooth Internet Connection” and on the second phone you are also, like that
  • Step 6: After choosing to turn on the feature in step 5 successfully, the Bluetooth feature will automatically be activated, here you select Bluetooth and select the note with your second phone
  • Step 7: Open the game and choose to Dream League Online and if you choose to play the above function, you will be able to play soccer with a random person, and if you want to play with friends, select “Local Wifi” and now Both phones turn on Wifi.
  • Step 8: At this time, both phones continue to select “Local Wifi” and then one of the two phones choose “Create Game” and finally the two are connected and play with each other.

Conclusion: Have you played Dream League Soccer 2019 yet

With this DLS 19 game guide and tips, you can now focus on playing better in this exciting mobile soccer game.


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