Ecobank Internet & Mobile Banking: How To Setup


Ecobank Internet Banking is one of the innovative ways provided by Ecobank to aid it customers bank online. Another online banking solution provided by this bank is the Ecobank Mobile Banking. These two i.e Ecobank internet and online banking provides a 24/7 platform for it customers to carry out most of their banking activities online without necessarily visiting the bank. If you ask me, I will tell you it is a win-win situation.

How To Setup Ecobank Mobile Banking


Ecobank e-banking platforms is user friendly, convenient and above all, safe – all thanks to Rapport, the Banking Security Software used by Ecobank.


Ecobank online banking as well as mobile banking was established to ease the work of it customers and as such, boost of a lot of things you can use it for. Some of these are below.

1. Money transfer to Ecobank and other banks

2. International transfer

3. View account balances as well as print account statements

4. Request cheque books and stop cheques

5. Make fixed deposit

6. Set-up standing orders and contact details

7. Find out Ecobank contact details and contact them.


To register for Ecobank internet banking, you need to fill the Ecobank internet banking form. This Ecobank online banking application form is known as the e-product form and deed of indemnity.


1. Download the e-product and deed of indemnity form from the Ecobank internet banking platform. Here’s the link

2. Fill the e-product form with the appropriate information. Make sure you “check” the Internet banking option. The information required as basic information like contact and banking details.

3. Also fill the deed of indemnity form and submit both forms to the nearest Ecobank branch.

4. The bank will send you an email with your login details after they had processed your application.

5. Goto the Ecobank website ( and click LOGIN.

6. You would be required to enter your login details, enter the information sent to you by the bank.

7. After submission, you would be required to change password and after doing that, you had successfully registered for Ecobank Internet banking.

8. Get yourself acquainted with the platform and happy banking online using Ecobank online platform.


Ecobank Mobile Banking can be said to be the mobile version of the Internet banking platform. This can be used by using the Ecobank Mobile Banking application. This mobile banking app is available for devices such as android, iPhone and windows mobile.

1. Download the Ecobank Mobile Banking application from the app store meant for your device and install it.

2. Dial *326# to authenticate your device with your registered number with Ecobank.

3. Launch the mobile banking app and click the New user button to register.

4. Enter the required information and follow the prompts.

5. Now that you had registered for Ecobank Mobile Banking, take your time to get acquainted with the app.

If you had tried registering for the Ecobank internet and mobile banking, share your experience with us.

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