Epic: “Fortnite” will get ray tracing and DLSS features this week

Epic announced that its game “Fortress Night” will add Ray Tracing (ray tracing) and DLSS (deep learning anti-aliasing) features on September 17.

After updating the game version, players can experience the effects of significantly improved image quality in the game, including special effects such as ray tracing reflections, shadows, global illumination and ambient light occlusion. At the same time, NVIDIA’s DLSS technology will increase the frame rate of the game while taking into account clear pictures. In addition, Reflex technology will also reduce latency for games.

It is reported that in order to highlight the ray tracing effect, “Fortress Night” will also add a special creative mode map called “RTX Treasure Run”. In this map, the player will be at the entrance of the museum and face the challenge of the treasure hunt game, which can reflect Different ray tracing effects.

Naijatechnews learned that in early September, Nvidia vice president Matt Wuebbling stated that Epic Games is using the game “Fortnite” to show everyone how competitive games are gradually improved with technological advances. “Fortnite” will Supports ray tracing, NVIDIA DLSS AI acceleration technology, and the new NVIDIA Reflex technology to bring a smoother and more shocking visual experience.

Of course, to experience ray tracing in Fortnite, players need a high-performance discrete graphics card that supports ray tracing.

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