Epic Games strikes back again: pointing out that Apple has no right

Epic Games strikes back again: pointing out that Apple has no right

The “war” between Epic Games and Apple is not over.

In Epic Games’s lawsuit against Apple, Epic Games stated that it had not “stolen” anything from Apple and refuted Apple’s theft .

At the same time, Epic Games once again fought back in the latest court documents, saying that Apple has no right to obtain Epic Games’ labor results.

Epic Games strikes back again: pointing out that Apple has no right

Epic Games vs Apple

In August of this year, because Epic Games introduced a new direct payment system in its game software Fortnite, which bypassed the 30% fee charged by the Apple App Store, Apple kicked it out of the App Store , The reason is that it violated Apple’s rules.

Epic Games also said that Apple also threatened to terminate the developer account supporting the company’s Unreal Engine platform, which will prevent Epic Games developers from developing games for iOS or Mac in the future.

Immediately after, Epic Games filed a civil lawsuit against Apple, accusing Apple of violating antitrust laws.

In the face of the lawsuit, Apple decided to stick to the end and filed a countersuit against Epic Games, suing Epic Games for alleged breach of contract with the iOS App Store. At the same time, Apple also accused its illegitimate gains of causing infringing interference in the relationship between Apple and its customers.

Apple insists that its actions have legitimate business reasons—

At any time, (Apple’s) behavior is reasonable… Its behavior is in good faith to promote legitimate business interests and has the effect of promoting, encouraging and increasing competition.

At the same time, Apple also pointed out that Epic Games’ blatant disregard of its contractual commitments and other improper behavior caused significant damage to Apple .

Epic Games did not show any weakness and hit back again.

In the lawsuit filed last Friday, Epic Games stated that it did not steal anything belonging to Apple, nor did it prevent Apple from gaining any potential economic advantage from users of Fortnite and their treatment of Fortnite. Benefits, but Apple cannot “steal” revenue from the sale of its own creative achievements .

In the latest 20-page legal document, Epic Games likened Apple to the “Epic Games agent” in the App Store transaction, but as far as iTunes-related legal documents are concerned, Apple is not a sales contract or user agreement One side.

Now, the lawsuit between Epic Games and Apple will enter a full trial stage, which is expected to be conducted in the summer of 2021.

Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers believes that the case should be tried by a jury. Rogers said that it is very important to know what real people think, to know whether people care about these safety issues.

However, both Apple and Epic Games believe that the court decision should be made, not the public.

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