Fast & Furious! Xiaomi Mi 10 Extreme Edition successfully passed the 5G SA remote control car racing thousands of miles away

The Xiaomi mobile phone warmed up yesterday. In the poster, the Xiaomi Mi 10 Extreme Edition will be used to conduct a virtual and real car racing thousands of miles away through the 5G SA low-latency network. This morning, Xiaomi mobile phone announced the answer through a video.

Xiaomi mobile phone said that the 5G SA network is gradually mature, with a minimum delay of 1ms and unlimited possibilities in the future. Xiaomi modified a car that can be remotely controlled via the Xiaomi Mi 10 Extreme Commemorative Edition 5G SA network, even if the two are thousands of miles apart, they can be controlled in real time. And can race with professional drivers.

Naijatechnews was informed that this time Xiaomi used a 5G debugging room in Shanghai to operate a car on the Tianjin International Circuit which is thousands of miles away. And this 5G race car has been thoroughly prepared for debugging. On one side is the actual racing driver in reality, and on the other side is the e-sports driver holding the Mi 10 Extreme Edition to control the remote racing. The two cars set off at the same time on the racing track. In the end, the Xiaomi Mi 10 Extreme Edition passed the finish line through SA remote control of the 5G race car.

Below is the specific video.

Unlike 4G, there are two networking options, NSA and SA, in the 5G era.

Let me talk about 5G NSA first, its full name is: Non-Standalone, which is a 5G network that integrates the current 4G network architecture deployment.

Its construction speed is very fast, and 5G network coverage can be achieved by directly using the 4G core network to install 5G base stations. However, because the 4G core network is still used, 5G features such as the Internet of Everything and low latency cannot be brought into full play.

The 5G SA is different. Its full name is Standalone, which is a rebuilt 5G base station and 5G core network, so as to fully realize the features and functions of 5G networks such as low latency, high speed, and wide connectivity.

NSA is a necessary stage of 5G development, and SA is the final evolution direction of 5G.

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Of course, the ultra-low latency advantage of 5G SA not only works on the network, but also benefits games, VR, industrial manufacturing, medical institutions, and even future auto-driving and transportation industries.

Starting from the second half of 2020, major operators have successively conducted large-scale tests of 5G SA trial networks. With the large-scale deployment of SA networks, users of Xiaomi Mi 10 Extreme Commemorative Edition can enjoy a fully functional 5G network.

When the car is driving at high speed, it will be a very dangerous thing to remotely control the delay of milliseconds.

5G SA technology can effectively reduce the delay and increase the data transmission rate, and perfectly solve the delay problem of remote control. It can reduce the response time from the average 50ms of 4G to 1-2ms. Even if the mobile phone is thousands of miles away from the car, it can ensure the ultra-low delay between the remote control and the car’s response to meet the needs of real-time control.

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