Google Android 11 Beta 3 released

Naijatechnews August 7 news foreign media 9to5 Google reported that Google today released the Android 11 Beta 3 system update. This is the “release candidate version” and is very close to the official version that Pixel users will receive in the next few weeks.

Google recommends that developers “publish compatible updates for applications, SDKs and libraries.” With Android 11, Google has finalized the “surface and behavior for all applications”, providing an additional month of development and preparation time.

Android 11 allows the exposure notification application to run without enabling the device location setting. This is to address the user’s perception that a “location” is needed.

“This is an exception to our exposure notification system only, because it is designed so that applications that use it cannot infer the device location through Bluetooth scanning. To protect user privacy, all other applications will still be prohibited from performing Bluetooth scanning unless the device location The setting is turned on, and the user has granted its location permission.”

The following issues have been resolved in Android 11 Beta 3:

General question

  • Visibility of the package. When you declare an intent filter for a browser application, your application will gain visibility of the browser application on the device. In previous versions, this intent filter made the application visible to a wider set of applications. (issue#158914189)
  • Fixed the application stability problem caused by upgrading the SQLite version used by the Android platform from 3.22 to 3.28.
  • Fixed an issue where some applications could not connect to the Internet when the device was using cellular data.
  • Fixed an issue that interfered with the ability of some apps to determine the GPS location of the device.
  • Fixed an issue with SurfaceTexture that caused some apps to crash intermittently.

Google Apps

  • The Google app, Google search bar or Discover feed no longer sometimes freezes or becomes unresponsive. (issue#159192774)
  • Some tabs in the Pixel Launcher homepage settings no longer display errors. (issue#160946862)
  • Users are no longer prevented from upgrading the photo app to the latest version. (issue#160848917)

Google confirmed the remaining three top questions:

General question

  • On Pixel devices, when using other default launchers, gesture navigation operations sometimes launch the Pixel launcher instead of the default launcher. (issue#160859801)

Google Apps

  • On some devices, the camera application sometimes crashes when users try to take photos or videos. (issue#158818461)
  • When using the YouTube app, the screen sometimes fails to rotate automatically. (issue#159098879)

IT Home is informed that Google Android 11 is expected to be launched at the end of September and finally released to AOSP and OEM manufacturers. Pixel users will be the first to receive the new operating system.

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