Google’s Plan For 2024- Google To Introduce New Connectivity Features For Smart Devices

At CES 2022, Google shared its future plans to make device connectivity easier and more seamless for Android phones, Chromebooks, Android TVs and Wear OS smartwatches.

Google will begin with Fast Pair for Bluetooth headphones, which will automatically pair with your Chromebook or even use your Android phone to set up a new Chromebook giving it all the information needed of paired devices and Wi-Fi passwords. This should be available in the coming weeks.

Looking a couple of months ahead, Matter-enabled smart devices will support pairing with your Google TV or Android TV OS devices.

Unlocking your Chromebook using your Android phone is a feature for a while now but Google wants to enable that on your Wear OS smartwatch too. The watch will be able to unlock not only your Chromebook but your Android handset without having them around you.

Samsung and Pixel phones, on the other hand, will see extended support for digital car key features. UWB-enabled phones will even have the ability to unlock your BMW vehicle (as long as it supports the tech) just by getting close to your car door. Sharing your virtual car key with friends and family is also an option when they need to borrow your car. Moreover, Volvo’s cars will be one of the first to offer remote functions using your Android device. Just like your home automation, you can pre-heat your car or turn on the AC before you enter the car.

The search giant aims to make content streaming a bit smarter and more seamless across different devices. For example, if you are using your Bluetooth headphones to watch a movie on your tablet and a call comes in on your phone, the system will pause the movie and take the call from your phone and resume afterward without you having to touch anything. It will be made available in the following months to supported headphones.

Additionally, Google wants to build Chromecasts into more devices such as TVs, smart speakers, etc. Bose will be one of the first to release speakers and soundbars with the Chromecast functionality.

Last, but not least, Google is making it possible to interact with your Android phone without having it around. For instance, you will be able to respond to messages using the Phone Hub without having to install the said app on your Chromebook as well. Without going into detail, Google also promised to deliver some advanced connectivity features later this year for Windows PCs as well.


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