Grand Battle Royale v3.5.1

Grand Battle Royale v3.5.1

Grand Battle Royale v3.5.1


Grand Battle Royale (MOD, Credits/Gems/Keys)

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With the success of the survival shooter action game Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds in the PC gaming market, many other products have come out and mimicked the similar gameplay. And today let’s explore the Grand Battle Royale, a game that portrays successfully the experiences of Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds on mobile.

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Basically, the gameplay of the Grand Battle Royale for Android has the following actions: running, collecting weapons, shooting, dying and repeating. The game takes players into countless different terrain, while you have to try to pick up weapons and attack other people. The weapons in the game are also varied from basic like Japanese sword, AK 47, M4A1 to super-class weapons like bazooka guns … These weapons are randomly released on the battlefield to create an exciting experience for those who randomly pick up guns. However, coming along with the disadvantage is a target to rob from other players.

Remember that your only goal is to survive in the game, so confronting opponents is not always a good idea. Instead, be flexible with the equipment you have and create a reasonable strategy to survive. Of course, to avoid being hidden or camping in other players, each match in Grand Battle Royale MOD will have energy circles showing the area of the activity. These circles will be narrowed down to put the players together and ensure that the participants are always flexible. Anyone who has been shone by this circle will lose blood gradually and die if they do not return to safe areas in time. Because it’s a game on the phone, Grand Battle Royale owns quite simple graphics, mostly in the form of a classic 8-bit Pixel, in addition to the environment created from the diverse shapes that make up the characteristic objects. However, this does not adversely affect the gameplay of the Grand Battle Royale, even making the player feel extremely comfortable and relaxed.

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